Dark Nights: Metal #2 — Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts after reading Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s amazing and insane Dark Nights: Metal #2

I just finished reading the second issue of DC’s ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ event by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. I had to literally stop reading several times because there was so much craziness going on, but in a very good way. After the first issue, it kind of felt like they were channeling a little Grant Morrison, but this issue just confirms it. This event could be something straight out of his superb JLA run; it’s crazy in all the right ways, and delightfully referential to DC’s past. So here are a few of those moments that stood out to me from Dark Nights: Metal #2 (it was honestly difficult not to just post every single panel). SPOILERS, obviously.

I need a Swamp Thing comic drawn by Greg Capullo in my life. Now I’m bummed that he never guested on it when Snyder was writing the New 52 series.

I was seriously giddy when the Hall of Doom made an appearance. The fact that one of my favorite DC villains, Vandal Savage, was waiting inside was just a bonus.

Darkseid is… a horrifying baby. I totally forgot that this was a thing, especially with regular Darkseid in Tom King and Mitch Gerads current Mister Miracle series. But hey, I’ll take a Greg Capullo Baby Darkseid series too, please.

There it is. All of this started with Morrison’s ‘Batman R.I.P.’ storyline. Perfect. Even if Rebirth hadn’t been mostly good, it would all be worth it for this event. It would not be possible in the New 52.

And then tied right back around into probably Snyder and Capullo’s biggest contribution to the Batman Mythos: The Court of Owls. It’s almost like they planned it the whole time!

I think if this were any other comic, I would probably be livid with how dumb Batmanium is. It’s up there with Unobtanium. But this comic is so bat-shit insane that it just fits. Of course the final mythic metal is Batmanium.

I knew these Dark versions of Batman were coming (I mean, I even wrote up the news for Multiversity Comics), but I still spent like 10 minutes just poring over the details of all these different alter egos. They’re terrifying and wonderful. It would have been a hell of a closing page... but wait, there’s more!

I love this text treatment and inverted silhouette to close out the issue. It’s like an ’80s metal band album cover. Well okay, that’s fitting.