Why Malls are investing in Interactive Wayfinding!

With the modern day shopping complex spanning over plots equivalent to multiple football fields is enough to make people lose track and search for the brands they are looking to shop from. On the other hand there is a need for the bands to mark their presence and grab the eye balls of the potential customers. Let us explore the need of having a wayfinding signage solution both from the customer as well as the shop owner perspective and how, nowadays this technology is making the installation of digital signage a win-win deal for both the parties.

Since the arrival of the online shopping trend the options for the consumers have largely widened mostly in the tier one cities the consumer has a lot many options and offers to choose from With every e-commerce ventures is pumping money and burning funds for customer acquisition by providing the offers still with very less guarantee to define the lifetime value of the customer. All that being said these trends have not reduced the footfalls in the malls and the shopping complexes as people who stay in the cosmopolitan cities do want a place to hang out during the weekends and escape the heat during the summers with the great ambience provided by the malls. Right from college students to working professionals there is wide range of audiences that can be a target when it comes to luring them for making impulsive purchases. Following are the reasons why brand store at malls are looking for the wayfinding digital signage.

1) Converting footfalls to customers

2) Luring customers by showcasing the offers

3) Displaying the product catalogue before the customer enters the store

4) Being found when the customer is looking for you

5) Maintaining your brand presence

6) Enhancing the brand value

7) Marking an edge over the other stores

8) Attract the impulsive buyers

9) Encouraging brand loyalty

Aforementioned are the top reasons why the brand outlets want to be present on the digital signage wayfinding platform. Wayfinding these days is not just a gizmo for the audience to locate the store they are looking for there is a lot of innovation which has been integrated on to it since the launch of it and has proved to have a great potential to be used as a marketing and branding platform for the users. They have improvised the customer user experience by including the touch screen interactive interface where it guides the customer and also has the power to influence the customer buying decision no matter at what stage of the buying cycle is the customer. Following are some of the features which could give you a brief idea as to what is in store.

a) Multi-purpose — Following is the applications of wayfinding signage

a. Interactive wayfinding — It helps you locate your location and the path and the distance to your destination. This can be used in malls or in airports. In future we might see such wayfinding signage on the streets to help the tourists to find their way in a new city.

b. Touch kiosk — This brings us to the idea of having a touch kiosk. For example you need the contact the emergency services or need any other information or assistance regarding your surroundings everything can be easily available using the touch kiosk.

c. Feedback Solutions — Feedback is crucial to retrospect the services offered by any service provider and the users will feel free and more comfortable and provide feedback about how they did like or what they did dislike about any store in the mall or feedback regarding the food and the ambience on the food joints present in the mall.

All the above is available on a single hardware.

b) Dynamic directory

c) Feedback testimonial

d) Centrally controlled