By: Edwin Andrade

Just Be You.

You’re great, you just don’t know it yet.

There’s something terrible in not being yourself. We’re free creatures. Free creatures living in a world where we’re the tiniest spec in all of the galaxy. So what are we afraid of? Being? Doing? Why can’t we simply — be ourselves?

I take the time to try to appreciate the quirks of those whom surround me, and learn what their appreciations in life are. We all are entertained by something. My friends receive random photos on occasion because I was experiencing something that makes them tick. And that appreciation cycle is ironically appreciated.

My quirk? Learning. The engineering of everything. The structure of business. The beauty in efficiency. The understanding of what mastery knowing brings. I’ve changed parts in my car, changed the sink in the apartment, created countless items of clothing to being on air daily through car airwaves. I’ve had thousand dollar wins (and losses) in the stock market to ranking 96 thousand in Call of Duty’s multiplayer ranks (that’s pretty damn good with millions of players). The thing is…. Nothing is stopping you from anything. Just be you. Do the things that make you happy, and learn them inside and out.

Hesitation happens. Things that are new — we fear. Instead of leaping forward and having a potentially life altering experience… hesitation holds us back — because fearing the unknown is coded in our DNA (sort of). When you say that you can’t do something, my outlook is that you just haven’t failed enough yet.

There’s a company looking for someone out there with the talent you are just beginning to find out you have. Take the opportunity to reach out for that seemingly “over-achieving” job interview. Put the time together to list all the over the top things you do at your current job and ask for a raise come Friday when the bosses are happy. You are in control of your future and have a world of opportunities ahead.

As you become comfortable in your skin and stand behind your beliefs you’ll eliminate people from your life; it’s acceptable. And normal. There are others that feel how you feel. Tick how you tick… and you’ll find them when you are open and ready for it. Don’t misinterpret these words to mean: “Kick anyone with differences out of my life.” Interpret them as an understanding that you are finding yourself and no one is rushing your greatness.

Fail more often. Learn from the failures. Open your arms to new people. New experiences. And simply, yet most inportantly be your best self.