Getting lost via Citymapper

Citymapper is my go-to for getting me anywhere quickly, efficiently and with the minimum off fuss. I love the look and feel of the app on my iPhone and the directions are accurate. I’ve come to rely on it to make sure I’m on time and able to plan my day, meetings or social engagements.

However the same great attention to UX should also apply to Citymapper’s website. The tiny details matter. My case in point — I want to embed a button on a client’s website in order to provide users a nice way to navigate to their location. A quick search of ‘citymapper embed’ leads me right into Citymapper for Developers, fantastic:

“It’s easy to integrate Citymapper into your website”

Even better. They even provide a link to the page on the Citymapper website where I can create my link or embeddable map.

I’m lost! It’s a 404!

Unfortunately Citymapper’s given me a wrong turn and I’ve landed on a 404 not found page. Not a great start!

So I think ok, let’s go back to and see what’s what. I could have made a coffee by now. I’m back at the homepage, click the hamburger and see ‘API / Widgets’ — Great!

We’re getting there. I can see another CTA, Widgets for Humans, sounds like me (sometimes):

I’m taken to a nice example of how Frank’s Cafe and Bar has embedded Citymapper to provide customers a way to easily find their location. Super. I’m told that creating this embed or button is as easy as…

Except that when I click on the link text I’m simply taken back here:

This isn’t a 404 but it might as well be! It’s the same page I’ve just been browsing! So what Citymapper needs to do is very simple. Fix the directions!

How about these instructions?

Want a Citymapper button or embed for your website? Click on and input your location in the ‘MEET ME SOMEWHERE’ field:

Then simply choose whether you want to copy the link or create a button / embed:

Job done in less than a minute!