Guild Tycoon Alpha

Play Guild Tycoon (Google or Facebook account required for now, will implement my own login system before beta)

Since my last post I have been working to improve Guild Tycoon, adding necessary core features that would turn it into just a page with buttons into an actual game. (What is Guild Tycoon?) With this release, players can now access four levels in the main dungeon with increasingly difficult enemies. Successful completion of the dungeon drops a random skill and a piece of equipment. Dropped equipment bonus stats improve every level so players can improve their characters and successfully complete the next dungeon. Skills can also be assigned to a character, and the order of a character’s moves can be configured. To see what occurred during a fight, players can access a fight log and a history of fights on their guild page. Finally, there is a rudamentary auction system where players can sell equipment that they get from drops.

I haven’t yet touched much of the user interface, and that is the highest priority for work to be done in the alpha version. After that is adding content for maps, items, skills, enemies, and character cards, improved economy, and hopefully a player-to-player communication system.

What’s new?


Character summary with skills

On the guild page each character is represented in a summary. With this release the character stats are are recalculated and updated when items are equipped. Characters also have three skill slots. The two skills in the game currently are Infuriating Stun, which renders the target unable to execute an action for one turn, and Mega Flame, which deals 100 damage. Each skill has a cooldown in the form of number of turns before it can be used again.


Regimen for Slammington

The regimen system allows players to control the way that their characters act in a fight. This system was part of the pre-alpha, but there wasn’t much functionality without skills. Now the equipped skills can be found under the action section. The server will run through each action in order starting from 1. When it finds an active skill and a target based on the set parameters (Find an enemy with HP that is greater than zero) it performs the selected action and moves to the next character.

Fight log

In order to figure out what happened during the dungeon run, each fight will have a fight log to look through. Color coding is definitely a necessary improvement that will come. Right now you can see El Gato casting Infuriating Stun, and that stun being applied to Direling. When it comes to Direling’s turn, his turn is skipped because of the stun.

Buy and sell items

Item summary with sell

Your items can now be sold on an auction house that can be accessed by every player. Pressing sell will open a simple entry form to post an item for a desired price

Getting item ready to post

The current system for the auction house is that when a player searches for an item by equipment slot they will see a list of all items that fit their criteria. They will also see a history of the previous sale prices for that particular item. Based on that value they can make an offer and see if it is accepted.

Current look of an auction house listing

When a player places an offer the server will search for items posted, and the player will exchange the value they offer for the item that has been posted for the lowest price. This means that if someone posted Wooden Shoes for a price of 800 two hours ago, and another player posted Wooden Shoes for a price of 10 five minutes ago, if a buyer places an offer for 30, the Wooden Shoes priced at 10 will be sold to the player for 30 (currency is gained on successful dungeon completion). The item will go into the buyer’s inventory, the currency subtracted from their wallet, and exchanged into the seller’s inventory.

I’m considering changing this system to a more interesting model where buy and sell orders can be placed on a market that provides higher visibility to everyone about the current status of an item in the market.

The front end and back end are completey open source too!

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