Bill Maher isn’t right.

Bill Maher isn’t right

It’s ok to get mad. I think we’re all a bit mad. But after some warning signs, Maher’s dueling with Cornel West recently really begs the point… Bill Maher has allowed this bizarre election cycle and Trump Presidency to drag him under. Moving forward doesn’t really lie with most any celebrity. And I’m including politicial celebrities as well. It’s really important to remind each other of that often. But sometimes they help clarify. I hope Maher can do that with his newfound Where’s Waldo level of politicial discourse.

He’s pissed off, as so many other “Liberals” (sorry, yeah, it’s in quotes now) are… that more people didn’t vote for Clinton! They don’t want to talk about anything else! Trump was so bad that everyone should have come out for Hillary Clinton just to save ourselves from… ourselves.

This isn’t a 14 page children’s book Bill. If influential people like you had stood up straight and strong… as you’re yelling at us now… for the things you claim such passion for, we’d likely be living in a different country now.

So the electorate is to blame for finding two politicial parties terrible, corrupt and dishonest? In massive numbers? Maher, and so many others, leave an obvious, factual element out of this argument. It seems like they must do it on purpose. It must be added ANY time this discussion comes up. It is simply:

Many people, maybe in the millions… millennials, progressives, Independents… greens, anti-war… even some Conservatives… came out so strong for Bernie because of his platform. Prior to that, they would have NEVER even entertained becoming a Democrat. But for Bernie’s platform, and the obvious authenticity of a passionate working class hero… they would have voted as a Democrat.

The Democratic party made a historically devastating mistake by pissing on this gift.

These Bernie Independents were not only angry as hell the way they were treated by the DNC and MSM, there is NO reasonable argument that without Bernie’s platform they would then switch and vote for Hillary. They’d NEVER have voted for a Clinton Democrat before… why would they then do it once they lost the ability to vote for a truly progressive, populist platform belonging to the biggest grassroots movement since JFK?

Talk about arrogance, hubris, white privilege… whatever. What we’ve “united” for, deserve, and have fought for our whole lives was taken from us, so we’ll just vote for the queen of corporate affiliations? Just because Trump was so abhorrent?

It was the establishment Democrats misjudging their potential electorate. And wildly. Not to mention abysmal political campaign decisions (see below). We didn’t misjudge Hillary Clinton one bit. I don’t believe that if Trump hadn’t seemed so terrible Clinton would have won the popular vote so decisively. Do you? What’s so hard about just saying you were wrong. Or not even saying it, just choosing your new direction? I mean, damn it… welcome!

And I really do believe, as crazy as it sounds… that after how the Democratic party has been and is acting… and even after a taste of Trump… you’ll find that those few million people you DO… we now know… need to put you over the top of the alt-right… will REQUIRE… more than ever… a people’s government. Including the working class people Clinton and the DNC ignored or took for granted already. If their democracy continues to be pirated, they’ll refuse to allow the Democratic party to exploit them. It really won’t matter, I do believe… how loud celebrities, networks or politicians scream about it.

We just got a masterclass on how to lose to previously demeaned, and now dramatically experienced ultra-Conservatism. Change is in serious demand. The same old Democratic politics… is in serious decline. We all know now… it’s all out there. Powerful Democrats… give a people’s government a chance, and a fat chance at that… or go fuck yourself.

It’s simple. Be a populist party. Progressive. for the 99% unequivocally. Listen to Bernie’s message. Invite all those people in, that you turned away last time. Because that’s the only way they’ll participate with you ever again. That should be obvious by now. And besides… what Democrat DOESN’T want single payer, less war, bold environmental protections, higher minimum wage, stronger unions, and corporate America the hell out of the dominating society business? What the hell is your beef about Bernie, and twinkle in your eye about Hillary Clinton?

For the voters… I humbly request you start weening yourself off of support for corporate governance. Like a boss. From now on… it will end in more crazy Conservative combat again and again. Please… if you do one thing in response to all this rampage of “information”… stop pretending plutocrats are working class heroes. There are real heroes to support. The kind working for you. And they are quickly becoming the only brand of politics capable of generating the kind of heat needed to hold these terrfying right wing wins to a screeching halt.

Your country needs you. Millionaires politicians do not. Be bold. Be Progressive. Win it all back.

And Bill… the way you prodded Cornell into an argument about Hillary deserves some special attention. Did you fire a good writer or something? Hillary Clinton scolded us to “respect corporations” as corporate security armies beat and shot peaceful Americans trying desperately to protect our precious natural resources at Standing Rock. Is there any better a way to demonstrate what an unjust plutocrat is? Obama’s statement was the same sentiment. He decided to “let this play out”. That, and when she wagged her crooked finger at us, telling us we’ll “Never, EVER have sing payer!!!” were the reasons she lost this election. I think you know that, and so what you’re trying to sell us is acquiescence. There is, less and less I believe… an acceptable price.

You know there’s been very little leadership from our recently elected Democrats when it comes to this issue. I’ve heard you mention it. That’s why unarmed black men are still being gunned down by police all the time. Because during 8 years of it neither Obama nor Biden sunk their teeth into it. If they had been anything like the Kennedys, or like Bernie certainly would be, these police departments would be experiencing a new kind of State’s Rights, and the militarization and murders so common now… wouldn’t be.

You trying to sneakily brand these Democrats as tough on justice… just shows how inacurate and insincere your show has become. What a terrible loss that trend would be. But the way you went after our brother Cornell West shows you’ve made a terrible choice. To push hard for establishment political dominance. Seriously Bill, we expected better. And you say this is about planning for the future? You are wrong, and kindof terrifyingly to be honest.

How about having Greenwald and Assange on to discuss Seth Rich? THAT’d show me.