If Hillary is ill, we’re voting? Who will be voting this time?

If Hillary is too ill to run… some are saying that it will be the “vote” of the DNC that will determine who will replace her? I believe that will cause flat out riots in the streets, right or wrong. certainly if they pick Kaine. Maybe even Biden.

But if so, let’s make the case for America.

Kaine isn’t as deep or powerful as Hillary, but is cut from the same cloth. No. This would do even further damage to the DNC. People don’t know this guy, past his newly energized profile of corporate, TPP, fracking, and Wall Street friendly affiliations that are anything but Liberal or Progressive.

Joe Biden is a sweet, smart guy. I have always stood by him politically. But he’s shown some very disappointing establishment acrobatics lately, I hate to say. It doesn’t matter what you think is true or not… even just the optics… of campaigning for the head of your party that was forced to step down because of documented, uncontested corruption… will haunt him for many years. And like Obama, Biden refuses to even acknowledge Stanford and Harvard studies, among others… that show in no uncertain terms… the treason level election corruption of the Democratic party. Stating that without the voter “irregularities” and corporate media blacklisting, Bernie would have won by a healthy margin. At least as big as the flipped results they thoroughly scrutinize. I understood Hillary long ago. Most of us did. But these two guys, in the last 12 months… have done almost as much damage as anyone or anything… to the Democratic party brand among progressive supporters. And potential Independents as well. Add to this the growing list of wealthy, establishment Republicans being normalized by Clinton’s desperate ploy for support… week by week since she “clinched” the nomination. Is it startling.

The Bernie Sanders’ movement is undeniable. If Hillary is so ill she steps down… the Democratic party has a second golden opportunity to make their party by far the most powerful it has ever been. Crushing Trump and bringing in all those millions of millennials (that CNN doesn’t even poll), Independent, green, progressive… and those from the right side who are working class, and know their party has left them out to dry with Donald Trump and the worst platform they’ve ever witnessed. Imagine all those who were deliberately disenfranchised by the DNC’s primary process… are now told… Bernie is back, let’s do this. The Democratic party will go from a downward spiral of investigations and conspiracies… to big, bold, and for and by the people again. Authentically (so many of us now know the difference). CRUSHING the GOP for decades. More Progressives in congress…. this century’s New Deal.

Think of what we’ve witnessed in the last year. Bernie’s movement is called the “biggest grassroots movement since JFK”… and that includes Obama. If you followed it yourself, instead of letting Rachel Maddow feed it to you… this makes perfect sense. The love, respect and energy for Bernie and his platform… is something most of us have never witnessed.

Imagine President Obama holding a press conference. Wishing Hillary well… asking the country for their help empowering the new candidate of his party. Joe’s blessing, and Maybe Tulsi Gabbard or Liz Warren as VP.

The only thing stopping this kind of amazing growth and progress… is the same old thing it always is. Corporate power within our government. I think we all know, better than ever, that there is only one ticket ready to trounce Trump… and address the environment, fascism, systemic inequalities, wars and bigotry head on.

Mr. President, and Mr. Vice President… please take this opportunity now for your country. Make history by making peace with the 99% in America again.