Not After The Revolution: Flint Michigan

As long as we continue to allow our government to be run by business roundtable… this kind of perverse, conservative destruction will continue. For every international story like the BP gusher in the Gulf… there are 100 smaller, and in many ways more insidious examples of our country under siege by corporate governance.

Not after the revolution… that’s for damn sure.

Afraid to fight for universal healthcare because of Republican obstructionism? You’re concerned about “contentious debates”? It’s “Too hard”?

Knock on this…

The state GOP legislatures like their new “emergency manager” power? They can not destroy even one state, or even a few thousand lives. They have NO Right to do that. We’ll go federal with the emergency manager concept, and once and for all do away with the most remarkable abuses of “State Rights”. We’ll call you to Washington. A Progressive administration and a Democratic Senate will hit you hard with actual accusations, relentless investigations, and I bet we get some real journalism reporting it too. Better bring your PJs.

We’re all having fun now. Bernie is shadow boxing when asked if he’s ready for Iowa, or when they comment about his doctor reporting his unusually fit condition. But the decision we’re making together as a country… is intense. Frankly… the mere idea of trying to influence an election by convincing us that we have little more than incremental progress, when there is any, in our future… is offensive. It too… is backfiring. Adding more fuel, and pride, and heartfelt community to the Bernie Sanders vision and campaign.

The hard truth is… Hillary Clinton has close ties to every industry we all have found so abhorrent in this century so far. She’s traveled the world as our Secretary Of State selling fracking to other countries. “Visionaries” from Monsanto help run her campaign. She’s done “business with” more than a handful of fossil fuel giants. Goldman Sachs, who we just fined 5 billion dollars for fraudulent mortgages, donates to her campaign, as they do the campaign of Ted Cruz and others. Mitt Romney’s Bain capital is sponsoring a fundraiser for her next week on February 5th.

The softer, soulful truth is… how do you feel? Do you feel like you have enough say in what your government stands for? Are you comfortable with the current conditions Bernie explains so well, that no one disagrees with? Why would you vote to maintain this, when even a small chance to truly change it is possible?

Now Imagine Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren in control of the White House and Senate. Think about the many videos you’ve seen, or should see, of both of them kicking the asses of the largest corporate giants and corrupt politicians in our society on the floor of congress, and everywhere else.

A radical change in the level of influence money has in our society is necessary in every context. If you do not understand how new laws made to make feeding homeless people, putting solar panels on your own house, or filming police…. illegal…. please take a good look. Start with learning about ALEC to get your adrenaline kicked in.

Clearly… “not as bad as Republicans” is no longer an acceptable benchmark. And neither are corporate Democrats explaining how the same network of plutocracy we’ve had for decades is acceptable. Even reassuring. Their dim, unsteady promises of pragmatism… and their incremental, calculated approach to the vast injustices and inequalities in our society… are uninspiring at best. To here them acquiesce… tragic.

Imagine… what would you do if you weren’t afraid? How about if you were in control, and not afraid? Would you be “incentivizing corporations”? Would you be “working with” Governor Snyder to find an “equitable solution” to the Flint crisis austerity created? Or would you make sure, with no regard to profits… that children, and our environment, are never again poisoned in America, for the sake of corporate tax breaks?

We don’t often need many details. We know in our gut when something is right, and when it is wrong. Are you a revolutionary, or a wallflower? It really is one or the other now.