They’re telling us. We’d better listen this time.

Massive unity for Kaepernick and this specific protest. This severe degradation of our civil rights. Do you think some of these people are wondering… where the fuck the Democratic party has been? We elected the first black President and during his 8 year term the racist violence by our police, the vast militarization of local and state law enforcement… have only gotten worse. I don’t give a shit how smooth he was, he did NOTHING.

Obama ran and won as a Progressive but failed to govern like one. He has helped articulate the difference. He NEVER “put on his comfortable shoes” and joined with ANY significant protests in this country. Nurses, Unions of all kinds, against Right To Work, Occupy, Standing Rock… NOTHING.

Do you suppose Hillary’s “Bring them to heel” comment and attitude has these people put off? Private prison affiliations, welfare reform? A little bit? When they try to sell you on Hillary’s “qualifications” they’re not highlighting what she’s done to really stand tough for the 99%. She’s been too busy working on arms trades to help destroy countries for no definable reason, and create “new opportunities” for oil and fracking drilling across the globe… creating kickbacks in the hundreds of millions for HER “Foundation” while she was OUR SOS.

I’ll bet these people are not impressed.

Just weeks before a national election the experts told them they could actually lose because of low credibility ratings and an elitist, dishonest record… Clinton and Obama told us to “respect corporations” as corporate security armies were beating and shooting PEACEFUL PROTESTORS at standing Rock.

Many feel (and they are correct) that this vastly ignorant political move, no matter the sincerity… along with her attitude AGAINST single payer (which she’s STILL fighting against) and the lack of support for Fight For 15… cost the Democrats the election.

There is a PILE of examples of how Democrats have decisively moved to the right towards a plutocratic state and away from THESE people. If this isn’t an indication of what “Woke” means, I don’t know what is. People are tired of being shitted, oppressed, lied to, disrespected, demeaned and belittled.

If the Kennedys were pussies like Obama and Biden… we’d still have segregated schools.

This Democratic party has lost control of the country. Plain and simple. 900+ seats lost since Obama was elected. Don’t listen to a MINUTE of their pandering, incremental “messaging”. It’s bullshit and has nothing to do with us. Nothing.

The ONLY leader who’s campaigned on ANYthing that actually represented doing a fucking thing about this bigoted police brutality is Bernie. He wants a FEDERAL investigation automatically triggered any time an officer kills or maims someone. That was met, as all of his proposals were from corporate media (“directed” by the Clinton infrastructure) with condescension. Apparently there are so many PONIES we cannot keep track of them all.

But it appears, once again, that the people ARE keeping track.

More smug, corporate Democrats like Obama and Clinton, marginalizing and blacklisting Progressives and progressive platforms… means more fascists in the White house and state houses across the country. We cannot let them do that to this country again.

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