It’s the first place I go when something newsworthy happens, and it’s the place where I second-screen Boston sports media personalities while we collectively watch the New England Patriots steamroll the competition. I quixotically hold a small amount of shares, even though they have steadily decreased in value.

I believe in the product. …

Building an application is hard. Building a wildly used and successfully monetized application is even harder.

Beyond the technicals of making sure bits and bytes move from place to place, app makers must worry about the user experience and adoption rates. They ask questions like: is this easy to use, does that feature make sense, how can we get people to talk about our app?

They ask all of these questions and more. They write all of this code. Then, they launch and the app takes off like a rocket or fizzles into a flop.

User growth is the rocket fuel that these apps run on. Without it, there’s nothing. …

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Students are going back to school and settling into their new classes and routines. Follow their lead and get your learn on with these great reads.


Co-Founder of Pidalia, Partner at Gingham Ventures, grilled cheese aficionado.

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