2 Sneaky Ways To Turn Facebook Fans Into Leads

You don’t have to be a millionaire to implement the two tips I’m going to give you today.

In my experience, there are 2 sneaky ways to turn Facebook fans into leads.

The first trick is one I like to call “The Ghost Email.”

That’s when you tell someone ‘Hey, I’ve got this cool checklist or mindmap or mp3’ — whatever cool download you’ve prepared for your prospects.

But then– instead of making them jump through a series of hoops like clicking a link go to a squeeze page, entering their email, clicking the confirmation link, finding your email, clicking to download — we scratch that whole process and do something else instead.

Instead, all you say is, ‘Hey if you want this mp3 or this interview that I did, just send a blank email to (your auto responder email address).’

Most email marketing service providers have this functionality (if you have an auto responder series), where you can just send a blank email to the email address and it will automatically subscribe them to that email address and then send them the email that has the download link inside.

Isn’t that cool? Isn’t that super sneaky way to get your Facebook fans to become email leads?

Another sneaky way to convert your Facebook fans to email leads is to use reverse squeeze pages.

Facebook fans — they don’t really like regular squeeze pages. Often times, they’ll enter fake information just to get to the free download part. I get it. They just want you to give them the thing they want.

A reverse squeeze page is when, instead of sending them to a link where they have to opt-in to get anything, you send them to a link where there’s a series of videos, or a high quality blog post — something that they want to consume.

Let’s say for the sake of the example that you’re sending them to a 4-part video series.

So they go to video 1, and then they click the link to go to video 2 and now all of a sudden it says, ‘Hey, if you want watch video 2, 3, and 4 you need to become an email subscriber. Enter your email here.”

What I like to do, do add more icing to the cake is to send them to a link where it looks like a blog post so they feel like it’s just an article so I’ll send them, ‘Hey if you wanna learn the 2 sneaky ways to turn Facebook fans into leads go to this link’, and it looks like an article.

They start reading it, they like it, and then they keep clicking “Next” to read the next page, read the next page.

Finally, when they get to the 4th page, they reach a message that say “Oops! If you want to continue reading this article you need to be a subscriber.”

For the cherry on top, I’ll add something like: ‘If you’re a subscriber you can also get access to these articles’. And I make sure that there’s at least 4 to 7 really cool articles that they would want access to. That helps increase the conversions on that page a lot.

So to recap. If you want to turn your Facebook fans into leads — use the ghost email trick. Tell them: “If you want this download just send a blank email to this email address.

To find out where you should tell them to send the blank email, call your email company or email them asking what that email address is.

And then the other trick is to use reverse squeeze pages. Give them some value first and then when they go to try and get more, they’ll enter it in and now they wanna be a subscriber.

Now they want to be on your list because they realize the value that you give upfront so you know you’re getting their real information.

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