Get More Done By Shrinking Your To-do List

Feel like you need more hours in your day?

Then let’s talk about productivity vs. activity.

Seems a lot of people don’t know the difference between those two words. One means doing more and the other means producing more.

Now re-look at your to do list and mark each task with a P for productive or an A for active. The productive tasks are ones that actualy produce something. The ones with an A are just activities you’re doing.

Doesn’t mean an activity is not important. But if you’re trying to be more productive, then you need to focus more on the P’s, than the A’s

How do you choose which ones to drop and which to keep?


Draw a big square…

Now draw a vertical line down the middle and another horizontally…

On the left side of the top left box write “important” and on the left side of the bottom left box write “unimportant.”

Now across the top write “urgent” on top of the top left box and “non-urgent” on top of the top right box.

Maybe you’ve heard of this?

It’s a decision making tool called “The Eisenhower Box.”

Image Source: James Clear

It’s a framework for making tough decisions when you’re unsure of what to do.

Use it to filter the items on your to do list that are just activities. Making room or more time for productive items.

Almost done.

Now let’s talk about “SP” tasks.

SP stands for super productive. Something that is super productive is a task that you do once and it increases production over and over again.

Like writing an email follow up series. It continually helps you and you only have to do it once.

Or using to connect your blog to your social profiles so each new blog post gets instantly promoted.

Or hiring a virtual assistant who repeats that one task for you over and over.

Re-look at your to-do list now and see if you can convert any of the items with a “P” next to them, into super productive tasks. This way it never re-appears on your list again, but still gets done over and over and over again.

If you commit to this process everyday for 1 month, your to-do list will shrink while you get more and more productive. It will seem as though you have 36 hour days while everyone else still has just 24.

Recap: (TL;DR)

Sort your to-do list into productivity and activity tasks. Use the Eisenhower box to filter your to-do list. Convert productive tasks into super productive tasks. Give it 30 days real commitment. Watch your life change dramatically.