From Partners to Business Entrepreneurs to One of the Leading Hair Salon in Southampton

Establishing a business could be hard especially if a lot of competitors have positioned their names in the market but for Hayley and Kathy, owners of the New London Salon in Southampton, nothing is hard when all you want is to cater your client’s demands and desires — it’s what matters most. Having a strong team work, they are able to come up with a successful business that they are good at and have been practicing over the years and used it to establish something that will make excel and develop what have been started.

Hayley and Kathy started as friends with same interest in beauty habits especially in catering for other people’s hair dos and make ups; and they used their interest and coupled it with their skills to render their services as make-up artists and stylists for over ten years and counting. Until, they decided on putting up a salon and take their expertise to the next level and to being one of the best hair stylists in London.

There has been a lot of amazing hair salon in the area of Southampton but what is exceptional about New London?

Maintaining a very high standard and guidelines, clients are being guaranteed for a high quality of services that will make it worthy for every penny they spent. The salon is located to a highly upheld building in a very convenient area in Bedford and facilities are modernized that it will make everyone feel composed and welcomed upon entry of their salon.

Their in-house stylists and artists are very professional, highly experienced and they are one of the best hair stylists in London. They have been properly trained as accord to the business’s standards to ensure that treatments are being performed with utmost attention plus they use just the high quality brands. Their major brand for almost all of their services is Paul Mitchell products.

The team has long since been doing business developments and better ways to further improve their services so to increase customer satisfaction because they believe that every customer needs to be given the best treatment. They are not like the other salons that just do business for the money; rather, they do it to make their clients look fabulous.

The rates and services are very reasonable and sensible for everyone.A side from their beauty services, they also offer therapy and massage for client’s who want a full relaxation. For more questions about the services they offer, you may call their store to set an early booking.

There can be many hair salons at Southampton but just a few gives the best services and quality of beauty treatments needed. With New London Salon, all your beauty needs will be properly attended to and you will meet the most fantastic stylists that will bring out the glam in you.

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