Why we don’t need universal basic income

In about 8 years a $1,000 computer will have the raw computation power of the human brain.

But it won’t be as smart as a human because the software lags about 10 years.

But in 18 years (2033), that same computer will only cost about $30. And the software will have caught up by then.

And we already know that most jobs will be replaced by robots.

But the point i’m trying to make here is maybe you could buy yourself a slave robot for a little over $30.

It wouldn’t get bored, it wouldn’t sleep, and it would probably be better than you at narrow tasks such as growing a farm, building shelter, cooking your food, etc.

Even if you are homeless and don’t have a job because robots have replaced you, all you need is at least one of these pet robots to take care of your every need.

I don’t think there is a poor person on the planet who can’t beg, borrow, or steal $30 to buy themselves one.

If we factor in the batteries and motors it’s probably 10 times the price, $300?

Isn’t $365 about the yearly wage of a poor person in a developing country?

As you can see, we don’t need universal basic income. We don’t even need socialism, redistribution of wealth, or government at all.

Just charity and a free market blockchain protocol (all the benefits of capitalism without the cronyism and without the tax).

I don’t know exactly what the value of a pet robot with opposable thumbs and narrow task programming is?

But I do know that today I would kill to have a slave robot, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

A poor person in the future with a $300 robot pet would be WEALTHIER than the average middle class person TODAY.

What do you think?