Dr. Ronald Whitford Is a Small Animal Practitioner with More Than 45 Years of Experience

Dr. Ronald Whitford is a Small Animal Practitioner with more than 45 years of experience. Currently, he is the Chief of Staff at St Bethlehem Animal Clinic in Clarksville, which he founded in the year 1980. St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic also has a subsidiary Clarksville Spay / Neuter Clinic and is known as the very first low cost pet spay/neuter service provider clinic.

Dr. Ronald Whitford majored in Animal Science and Biology from the University of Tennessee. During his graduation, he was accepted at the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine and immediately began his veterinary studies. In the year 1972, he graduated at the top 10 percent of his class with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Ronald Whitford’s St. Bethlehem Animal Clinic is a fully-service veterinary hospital where clients are welcomed in a bright, naturally lit reception with gorgeous woodwork and a fun play area for children. The clinic’s medical resources and design reflect the best that a modern veterinary has to offer. They have a state-of-the-art equipment, pharmacy lab, exam rooms and medical assets in a multi facility that provides home like atmosphere to the clients and their pets.

Dr. Ronald Whitford specializes in surgery, feline medicine and dermatology. He is also a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and a writer in the veterinary profession. He has written over 350 articles for various veterinary publications. He is a member of many professional organizations such as American Veterinary Medical Association, Veterinary member of the Tennessee Health Department Board, Animal Shelter Board, and Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association.

Ronald is also a philanthropist who has built three Habitats for Humanity Houses. He is the sole supporter of Kitten Adoption Program, local youth sports teams, and low cost community service spay/neuter program. He is a veterinarian for several dog and cat rescue groups, and is also involved with many Christian Missionary Programs including donating cattle, pigs, & chickens in poor world countries.