Doing A New Thing

Doing new things can be scary.

Doing new things on the internet can be scarier.

I wrote my first song around the age of 12. It was not good. I remember very few of the words. I do remember that it was a worship song, that it said the phrase “praise him” a lot, and had a total of 3 chords. My Mom loved it.

One thing I don’t remember is being scared to share it. I was too young to be scared. Too naive. Too trusting. Not yet acquainted with the sharp pain of sharing something that you pulled from deep inside yourself; opening yourself up, making yourself vulnerable, to painfully discover that they don’t like it. That they don’t like you.

Embarrassment. Humiliation. Shame. These things hurt. Badly.

But doing new things is important. Your personality, your identity, is a tangled and complex knot of your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions. So, at least in part, becoming a new person, the thing the the Spirit of God is working diligently to accomplish in you, is connected to your ability (or inability) to do something new. Something you’ve never done before.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to create a blog of some sort. A digital space extending my ministry as a local pastor in Central Maine to a larger audience. At the same time creating a way to connect with folks I minister to locally on a more regular basis than the Sunday service. As I explored this new endeavor the thought of publishing something online, where your words are endlessly scrutinized, your meaning behind those words hastily assumed, and your character and ministry mercilessly criticized caused me to abandon any hopes of offering something meaningful and representing myself well in the digital jungle.

However, it is time for the old self to pass away. It’s time to do a new thing.

I’ll be using this space to share my thoughts as I journey through life growing deeper in my understanding of God’s unstoppable goodness, inexhaustible love and endless grace.

Thanks for reading and journeying with me.

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