Justin Cassano

Hi friend and welcome. My name is Justin and I make animation in New York. This is a sample of my work. Please enjoy everything on here a lot.

During the day, I produce and direct animation for Great Big Story. Here is a video I animated:

and here is another one:

Before Great Big Story, I worked at Mashable as an animator for their Snapchat Discover channel. In less than a year, I made over 350 10-second cartoons. Here are a few:

Mashable for Snapchat Discover

From time to time, I take on freelance work. The GIFs below are for Pop-Up Magazine, a live event hosted by The California Sunday Magazine. An author named Jack Hitt spoke about the length of a moment — I animated a few of his talking points.

An author named Jack Hitt spoke at Pop-Up Magazine about the length of a moment. I animated some of his talking points.

Thanks for visiting. Say hello if you would like to make art together :o)

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