I’m Justin and I make animation. Please enjoy my website a lot.

A Chronologicization 🌴

Now, I design, animate and manage the art department at Great Big Story.

Before, I created hundreds of cartoons for Snapchat Discover.

Sometimes, I take on freelance projects to make people smile, or to help smart people explain complicated things to curious people. Here are a few examples:

I made these for Pop-Up Magazine, which is a yearly live event hosted by The California Sunday Magazine. A fantastic storyteller named Jack Hitt spoke about the length of a moment, and these animations played behind him on a very large screen. Art direction by Leo Jung
These illustrations were for an article about TaskRabbit. Art direction by Devin Washburn
…and this is Kevin. He is just happy to be here :o)

If you’d like to work on a thing together, say hello!