Hi! I’m Justin and I make cartoons. Please enjoy my website a lot.

Currently, I am an Art Director at Great Big Story. Here is some of our work I’m proud of:

Proud of this one because it was a great team effort. A producer pitched it, wrote the script, and shot the interview. I designed it, created the artwork, and two lovely animators made it move.
Proud of this one because I pitched the story, co-wrote the script, designed and animated it.
Proud of this one because it was the first fully animated project I worked on at Great Big Story. I learned a ton about seeing the project as a whole rather than the sum of its parts.

Before Great Big Story, I worked at Mashable, where I made over 350 cartoons for their Snapchat Discover channel.

Sometimes I have a chance to work with people and companies I admire. Here are a few examples:

I made these for Pop-Up Magazine, which is a yearly live event hosted by The California Sunday Magazine. Jack Hitt spoke about the length of a moment, and these animations played behind him on a very large screen. Art Direction by Leo Jung
These illustrations were for an article about TaskRabbit. Art Direction by Devin Washburn
These animations were created to show use-case scenarios for a walkie-talkie style app called Roger (R.I.P.). Art Direction by Miles Fitzgerald.
Left: 9-Squares contribution / Right: Yule Log contribution
A few personal GIFs
…and this is Kevin. He’d stay and chat, but he has somewhere to be :o)

Thanks for visiting! If you would like to work on a thing together, say hello!

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