I’m Justin and I make animation. Please enjoy my website a lot.

A Chronologicization 🌴

Now, I manage the art department at a place called Great Big Story.

Before, I created hundreds of cartoons for Snapchat Discover.

Sometimes, I take on freelance projects to make people smile, or to help smart people explain complicated things to curious people. Here are a few examples:

I made these for Pop-Up Magazine, which is a yearly live event hosted by The California Sunday Magazine. A fantastic storyteller named Jack Hitt spoke about the length of a moment, and these animations played behind him on a very large screen [Art Director: Leo Jung]
These illustrations were for an article about TaskRabbit [Art Director: Devin Washburn]
…and this is Kevin. He is just happy to be here :o)

I would love to work with you maybe, so say hello!