State of Origin 8th July 2015

The Biggest Sporting Match on East Australia is going on! Queensland vs. NSW (go Queensland)… getting into the spirit now I’m a resident.

The State of Origin is a football match between two states… a very violent Rugby match. The mascot for QLD is the Cane Toad.

Everywhere I turn is a sea of Maroon Jerseys (QLD) with the odd few Blue Jerseys (NSW) floating about. The atmosphere is calm (complete opposite to English Football Fans on Match Day).

I noticed around the city Pop Up Shops with both team’s jerseys for sale…. They love it here and get very patriotic!

Tonights match is a very important one. QLD have won 8 years consectively until last year NSW won…. QLD want it back and I certainly hope they do! (Not biased at all with all my aussie mates I have met here are all from QLD).

The bar at the hostel are also very patriotic… see the photo!

Let the game begin!

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