Hi Tom. I actually did make a pretty big mistake in this article, which was to overlook male…
Emma Lindsay

I am sorry, but I can’t accept the the idea that the piece was “imperfect” because it did not reflect the position of other people, with other experiences. It was perfect as it was because it so totally reflected your experience. It reminds me of this wonderful update I read on a friend’s page today: “Outstanding presentation tonight by Sa’ed Atshan, weaving together the history and current realities of the Israeli/Palestinian situation with LGBTQ issues and keen analysis of a way forward. Among many favorite moments was his response to those who claim that Palestinians who focus on Israel’s occupation rather than addressing other human rights abuses is evidence of Antisemitism. “A person with breast cancer is going to focus on HER situation. It doesn’t mean she isn’t concerned about testicular cancer, but she has to address the illness she is suffering from.””

Other than the illness part, which is of course not a great analogy here for all the reasons in the original piece, the point is, how can one speak authentically, and with any sort of impact, if the speech is not being rooted in that individual’s experience? I think that is why it went viral and the source of its power and truth. Someone else must write of the male survivor experience.