receiving a patronizing “gracias” or “hola” from a non-Spanish speaker
I’m Just A Fiery, Spicy Latina
Ellie Guzman

℟: Maybe I Should Stop?

I have been using basic Spanish like gracias and hola interchangeably for the better part of a decade. I don’t know why I do this but it might be a subconcious way to keep the language fresh between my travels to Central America. But it might also just be me being an idiot.

The other day when I was leaving after lunch with a Peruvian friend, I used my customary adios and all of a sudden it felt wrong. I was self conscious. I’ve know this guy a long time but I was worried that perhaps my use of Spanish felt forced. Felt patronizing. I hope that it wasn’t but I’ve sense caught myself every time I’ve used Spanish words.

I am not a fluent Spanish speaker nor would I consider myself conversational. I can understand words on signs and in menus and if the person I’m conversing with speaks as if I were a child, I can generally comprehend and respond. So really, I don’t know why I address people with an hola and depart with an adios.

Maybe I should stop.

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