Announcing $1 “Recommends” on Medium
Dave Schools

Way, way back in 2015 Todd Hannula had some ideas to help Medium make money and, in turn, pay writers. Interestingly enough, his idea for Subscriptions came to furition. I felt then, and I still feel now, that allowing members to “buy” a block of recommend credits would enhance conversations on Medium.

Perhaps with the new subscription model, members get x bonus recommends per month and then all other recommends are at a discount? Or, to allow Medium to make more money, they are sold in $10, $20, $50 increments with the cost per recommend (CPR) being reduced at each tier.

There are a lot of stories that I would glady pay money to recommend. Do you hear that Your Friends @ Medium and Ev? Then, those that I wouldn’t pay money for that I currently recommend as a way to say “I see you” I’d engage more with the author through responses.

Then again, with Net Neutrality going the way of the dinosaur, responses will probably cost money in the future too… but that’s for another discussion.