In The Valley

Like the thousands of others pouring into Northern California to get a piece of the Silicon fueled Gold Rush, I left home right after graduating High School to make my stake in the land of Teslas. In truth moving up here was stroke of luck, which given the opportunity I took as soon as it presented itself. My uncle had an open room in South Bay, and for only $500 a month I couldn’t refuse.

For many the barrier to entry for The Valley is the shiny price tag on rent prices around the area. I wasn’t much the studious brain in High School, as such I suffered the calling of Community College, but perhaps it was good De Anza college, just down the street for the head quarters of Apple, is a great spot to start rooting yourself into the culture of the valley.

Many, many foreigners end up there, boasting one of the most diverse campuses in California, while still retaining the local vibe as you stroll the lush green walkways of De Anza. Naturally most inspired individuals you meet are tech majors, computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and insert X engineering degree here, you will find tons. Most fill their heart with the dream of making it into one of the cozy tech giants around the corner. While some, like yours truly look compete, and start their own adventure with other like minded techies.

Ending up in the valley isn’t easy, but staying is even more difficult. There is a strong push to get moving or get out. Many of the flower children who once called NorCal their home are slowly dripping out. I would know, one of my close friends who originally ventured up with me, could call The Haight his second home, and for a night he did. He didn’t make it, bailing out to return to the place of our roots, and continue his ambitions there. Nothing against him, but his story is like many others, whom could not find the justification for living in a decidedly conflicted, slightly cramped, and 110% moving in its own direction, Valley.

I am still here, in it for long haul, but it wasn’t easy, and honestly if it was not for some good friends, and a whole lot of luck. I wouldn’t be here either, but man is it exciting being apart of something this big. Stay tuned, this is just the preamble, to a much larger event.