One Thing Every Gym Goer Should Take From Strongman

If you’ve ever watched the behemoths on World’s Strongest Man flipping giant tires, pressing logs overhead, pulling planes, and lifting enormous stones you might think that most of that stuff isn’t for you. You’re just going to the gym to get in shape and get healthier. You’re not interested in dead lifting a car or throwing a keg 20' in the air. I get it. It’s definitely not for everyone. And that’s ok. There is, however one big training method from Strongman that I believe will help you reach your fitness goals much, much faster. You’ll probably also have a lot of fun doing it! Who knows maybe you’ll be competing in WSM 2030.

The thing I’m talking about is loaded carries. There are an endless variety to choose from, so you won’t get bored, and in my opinion loaded carries are one of the most under utilized things it the fitness world. I’m talking about everything from farmers walk to sandbag zercher carries, and everything in between. They are extremely versatile and can be done with whatever equipment the facility you train at happens to have. You don’t need anything fancy. In fact you don’t even need a gym. Go outside, find a stone, pick it up and carry it over there. Rest and repeat until you can’t anymore. Workout done. And you absolutely got a better workout than the dude on the treadmill.

I think the reason they are so effective is that you can train multiple aspects during the same movement. You’re training your cardiovascular system as well as strength all in one simple movement. They are also relatively easy to teach. If you have the basic hip hinge pattern down and can pick things up off the ground you’re pretty much good to go. Grab a heavy pair of dumbbells or kettle bells and walk until your grip gives out. Rest and repeat. Farmers walks like this are a great finisher for a workout, or if you’re going heavy enough, a great workout all by itself.

Sandbags are another great option for any type of loaded carries. Anything from a zercher carry(carried at chest level with arms under) to an overhead carry. Sandbags are also very cheap to make they offer virtually unlimited weight selection. Buy a bag. Add some sand or gravel. Carry it a couple of times a week until it’s too easy. Add more filler. Repeat. Now obviously most commercial gyms won’t have sandbags, but like I said they are super cheap and easy to make yourself. It will more than repay you in fun, fitness and strength.

So that’s it guys. I think that loaded carries should be a big part of any strength and conditioning or fitness plan. You’re going to get results much faster and have some fun while doing it! As a side benefit carrying the groceries into the house every week, and moving the couch to a better spot in the living room will be an absolutely breeze!

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