Mandela Effect: the JFK Assassination

What makes the Mandela Effect so intriguing, is that it is hard to prove the timeline you remember that no longer exists … actually ever existing.

It is genius in that it gets you do doubt your memory, and therefore yourself. You are talking about changing timelines — altering dimensions.

To many this is too far fetched … too science fiction.

Most do not realize for example, we have a facility in Switzerland that has magnetic capabilities 100,000 times stronger than that of our planet and sports a 666 logo.

Strange Cloud Formation Over The CERN LHC

Or that major tech companies, such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and Intel to name a few have their own artificial intelligence powered by quantum computers …

… who by the way have formed a partnership based upon Ethereum blockchain technology that will be used to recreate the internet and our soon to be global currency …

… and most importantly of all, how just recently physicists have provided evidence that the future could be altering the past, and therefore time is more than likely cyclical, not linear.

With that in perspective, it is beneficial to your intellectual development to be open minded to the Mandela Effect: the theory that our timeline is being altered — as being a very real possibility.

Those of you who follow the Mandela Effect have come across numerous examples, mostly with movie lines changing or names, titles of products and companies altering ever so slightly:

Or of course the infamous Berenstein/Berenstain Bears example:

But how do you remember how the JFK assassination went down?

Do you remember 4 people in the car and therefore the car being a 4 door car?

Or do you remember 6 people being in the car?

Google images show 6. This is how the majority of people remember this tragic event:

What is interesting however, is the plethora of evidence that suggests it may have gone down differently. Take for example this replica out of Dahl Auto Museum in La Crosse, WI:

Or how the JFK Presidential Library & Museum in Boston, MA has it replicated:

Or photos such as this:

Now I personally was not alive for this event, however I grew up idolizing this man. I wrote about JFK in high school and I know that in my original timeline, it was a 4 door car … and I do not doubt my memory.

I also do not remember a secret service agent running up from behind.

It is so easy to dismiss a topic like this as nonsense, especially since specific neurons and neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine within our brains, trigger a defensive state when we feel that our thoughts have to be protected from the influence of others.

Basically when your belief is threatened, your brain releases a chemical that causes you to become more closed minded, defensive, even stubborn to new ideas.

Another reason as to why self awareness is so important to our evolution.

How do you remember the JFK assassination? Have any interesting bits of evidence you can share?


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