The Dueling Components Of Progress

Today, I failed.

Yesterday…I failed.

The only thing that I have found to be constant in my life, is the fact that life is not constant.

The moment I feel “comfortable” it seems that something rears itself to remind me that comfortable only operates in the “moment”.

We have to embrace these moments.

But to do so, we have to realize that each moment has the dueling components of comfort and uncertainty.

We can’t just bask in the world of comfort, but understand the more powerful element of discomfort that immediately follows it.

Each moment of clarity is strung together with a potent dose of uncertainty.

Potent enough to break you down.

Potent enough to build you up.

But the choice is yours.

Uncertainty is potently uncomfortable.

But it’s where potent progress is made.

It’s outside your comfort zone that your life is lived.

Embrace the uncertainty of it all, and be well.

In life, obstacles arise, pivots are made…iteration continues.

Failure is a real thing.

An event.

But how we look at failure is a choice.

Is failing part of an iteration or is it the scarlet letter of your life?

Therein lies the nugget of it all.

Failure is not a sign of personal incompetence.

It’s just one experiment that has gone wrong.

Failing sucks.

Keep moving.

That’s all that matters.