A Liberal Definition of the Alt-Left
Keri Smith

This is a well-written piece for sure, but none of this is new at all. Extremism is the realm of nutters, imbalanced people, the mentally ill, conspiracy theorists, kooks, crazies, and whack-a-doodles.

Anyone who would KILL another human being for slighting their belief system = nutter, kook, crazy, etc.

The Liberal party has no cohesive party, message, or talking points. I am 40, and they have not had one in my entire lifetime. What they have is a bunch of special interest groups, massively failed social programs, and stink of hypocrisy just as much as their so-called “Christian” counterparts on the right. Everyone has their hands in the honey pot and everyone has taken part in some kind of dirty pool.

“No, Justin, but there are good politicians!” Yeah? Show me one.

Politics and governance is a funny game. It is NOTHING to do with morality, even though the American news media, academia, and families sitting around dinner tables every single night attach moral significance to politics.

Do you know what politics is REALLY about? POWER. Obtaining and consolidating power. And that is what has happened in America. The top 1% of the top 1% has taken nearly all the money. They did this by creating a system in which if you did not go to Yale or have intimate knowledge of how investing/derivatives/trading works, then you will NEVER get rich.

All this political extremism is nothing more than a bunch of loud-mouthed, and in some cases very dangerous, assholes shouting “My ideas are better than your ideas” at the top of their lungs.

You mention that they are “neo-Marxist, post-rationalist” or some such impressive-sounding academic babble. Look — the SJWs are as batshit crazy as their Alt-Right cousins. Why? Because THEY WANT THE SAME THING: for everyone on the other side to be DEAD. The are war-mongers, rabble-rousers, and as Chief of Staff Kelly, a highly decorated general, pointed out — the Alt Right at Charlottesville are domestic terrorists and should be locked in a dungeon forever. Or worse. The Alt-Left fits the bill. So does ISIS.

Most of us Americans are so damn naive and asleep that it will take 1000 more Sandy Hook shootings to see how irrevocably fucked our school systems are. It will take 1000 more Charlottesvilles for us to learn how corrupt and dangerous our two-party system as become. It will take 1000 more economic crises like 2008 for us to learn that Wall Street bankers are psychopathic , greedy, soulless motherfuckers who need to have a Sword of Righteous Justice shoved up their poop shoot.

We are ALL hypocrites. Americans want justice, but we want it to occur on the way and manner in which we choose: on social media, or through some kind of entrepreneurial endeavor like micro-lending that sets the people free from the economic oppression of their corporate overlords.

Well, dear ones, I am sorry to say that very rarely in the course of human history have massive social, economic, and political transformation been been decided through peaceful means. The best example coming to mind now is Brazil’s independence from Portugal. It was a war-less war of independence. Portugal basically said: “Yeah, OK. You can have it.” And signed some papers. Other than that: French Revolution; American Revolution; Cuban Revolution; Bolshevik Revolution; Spanish Civil War, American Civil War, War of 1812…. I can keep going.

What is dangerous about the 2 extremist groups in America and why Kelly, Sessions, and other Federal leaders are RIGHT to want to hunt them down and stomp them like gnats is that the kind of evil they represent cannot be killed. It can only be stopped for a while.

Those of us who fight demons for a living know this all to well. The demons lie to you; they appear to be one thing when they are really quite another altogether; they transform and change right before your very eyes, but in the end, they all want one thing: to bring our souls into the Hell that they inhabit.

And that’s what the American extremists want: for all of us to follow them down this primrose path to the 9th Level of Hell, for it is THEY who suffer the afflictions of twisted minds, broken hearts, and warped souls.

The Alt-Right and Alt-Left are not political entities in my view. They are exactly the same. They just use different words, have different accents, adopt different symbols. Would Hitler have been Hitler if the Swastika was an ice cream cone? Yes is the short answer.

The question is: What do we do about the growing extremism?

Deploy the National Guard?

Involve the Army?

Do nothing and see what happens?

Our leaders seem to be choosing Option 3: Do nothing and see what happens.

What happens is that eventually, the violence escalates to a point where they make it look like they have no choice but to bring in the jack-booted soldiers to contain the people who are about to rip themselves apart.

I am not a violent man. I spent most of my life as an educator. I am so saddened to see what America has become. My daughter was just born 4 months ago and the country she gets to join is one where brother and sister want to tear one another’s heads off.

I never thought of buying a gun ONCE in my life. I always vehemently spoke out against guns. I had the actual though a few weeks ago…. I would just go to the store. There is one down the street. (This is America, right?), pop in, undergo the background check with no problems, and get my Glock, just in case.

And then I realized: “Wait.. WTF am I telling myself here?! What am I about to subject my family to”

Violence is NEVER the solution. Sometimes, it becomes sadly unavoidable because we are human, have survival instincts, and we protect ourselves from physical harm — real and perceived.

I want the world my daughter lives in to be better than the one I lived in.

I am so sick to fucking death of identity politics in America; of Political Correctness (the right AND left wing versions of this stupidity); of loud-mouthed, do-nothing politicians; of greed, materialism, social media voyeurism…. So, here is something I saw online that made me feel better:




That’s it. There is nothing more I need for the rest of my life from all the talking heads, and professors, and politicians, and thinkers.

Anyone in any country on this planet can embrace these universal principles.

If you find yourself mired in all this identity crap, take a word of unsolicited advice from a guy with enough grey in his beard to say something that matters:

Make your life into something good. The assholes on the Alt-Left, the Alt-Right, and in politics, high finance, and “power positions” in general, all over the world, will just sap every last remaining ounce of goodness and energy you have. Be with your loved ones. Make YOUR communities SHINE. Be good to one another.

Don’t worry about the ones in power. They can’t even help themselves. How are they supposed to help us?