1. Bottled Light- this photo is taken at my favorite resto around Taft which is also a good example of art because of its resourcefulness. Moreover, the different colored glass bottles combined with lights adds to the ambiance of the restaurant.

2. Sky’s the limit- Seeing the beauty of the clouds up in the sky while riding an airplane is one of the reasons why I love to travel. Clouds forms into different shapes and sizes that will really tickle your imagination.

3. Piece of Cake- Last January 11, I celebrated my 19th birthday and my sister gave a black forest cake. For me, cakes are very artistic because its not only the taste that is important but also the design and the looks of it.

4. A’s on my feet- Rubber shoes are very popular nowadays. Not only on the fact that it protects our feet but also it serves as a tool to express our own desire. Like they said “you are what you wear”.

5. Pizza is life- Everybody loves pizza because it satisfies our own cravings. Pizza is art, simply because of the way it is presented to us. You can see how the chef arranged the toppings, cheese and other ingredients well that it will also look good in the eyes of the customer.

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