Last February 19, 2016, I went to Art Fair Philippines located at the Link Carpark, Parkway Drive, Ayala Ave, Makati City. Actually, just like in my previous post about the National Museum, this was also my first time to attend an art fair. Honestly, I’m not an artistic person and I don’t understand art that much unlike other people. So I went to this Art Fair and there are many people falling in line just to see the exhibits. From that moment, I can see how much special this event is.


Among the 40 exhibiting galleries, I chose the Paseo Gallery because there’s something special to it. All the artwoks that is presented in the gallery is made by the one and only Alfonso Ossorio. Most of his paintings are abstract and will take time to understand. I’m really surprised to myself because like what I said earlier I’m not into arts but suddenly I appreciated the works of Mr. Ossorio. There are a total of 8 paintings presented in the gallery and some books. For me, the collective message that being conveyed in the exhibit was to understand a different kind of art. Moreover, to widen your imagination and understanding regarding abstract art that there’s a deeper meaning to it. Here are some works presented in the Paseo Gallery:

  • Composition (Oil on Canvas)

This painting really takes time to understand; you can see in my face how challenging it is to understand. The things that I love to this painting are the mystery and the colors used by Mr. Ossorio. It will really catch your attention even though you’re not an art critic.

  • Dunstan Thompson (Watercolor, gouache and ink on paper)

Among all the exhibits of Alfonso Ossorio, this painting is the easiest to understand because it’s a portrait of Dunstan Thompson, an American poet.

  • We Are Many (Acrylic, watercolor, graphite, crayon and wax on board)

For me, this painting talks about unity not only in a group but also in our country. There are many types of people in the world that we’re going to meet. All of us have different culture, language, religion and race. We are different! However, we are all human and we are bound to help each other no matter what.

  • Fluxus (Oil, wood, colored glass, bone, shell rope, ceramic, turtle, horn and nails on panel)

This painting is so odd but in a good way! It’s actually weird and hard to get but its part of the experience.


  • Sea of Clouds by Nona Garcia

This painting was truly breathtaking! The clouds are really fantastic and very realistic! If you want to fly and touch the sky, you must try this painting. It’s really like you’re in heaven and it’s perfect way to contemplate o umarte. HAHAHA. Thumbs up to Ms. Garcia for creating such a wonderful work!

  • Unbroken by Raffy Napay

This colorful woven art is very pleasing to the eyes. This art will make you want to leap up. It really catches my attention because the color symbolizes our LGBT community. I have friends and family that are gay and lesbian but I love them no matter what. For me, the man with open arms in the woven art shows that we need to accept and respect our friends or members in our family that is part of LGBT. Like what they said, in this world #LOVEwins all the time.


I never expected that I would enjoy this Art Fair like to the highest level! Now I know why many people are interested to come to this event because it’s really a great experience! It brings you to a different place like a wonderland, which is full of arts. I learned that to appreciate art you don’t need to be an artsy person. You just need to open your mind and enjoy the moment because in order to appreciate art, you need to experience it first. Lastly, I learned that it’s not too late for the people like me to be an art lover. :)


Overall, I’m deeply satisfied with my experience on this art fair. The vibe is like you’re inside an amusement park because everyone was very happy while looking and exploring all the exhibits. I hope that on the next art fair they will continue that kind of vibe. In addition, they can try to add more activities that will intensify the experience of their visitors to the art exhibits.

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