Kicking some stammer ass….

Quite simply I love to speak, I love what words can do, they can build up, encourage and change lives. Sometimes you don’t even need to speak to say the words you want. Communication is a beautiful and wonderful thing, the only slight problem I had with words was I couldn’t say them…bummer.

Well before I waffle on about my life story, my name is Justine and I have been an official stammerer (or stutterer) since I was 4. About 2 years ago I decided to go on the McGuire Programme to help me control my speech, I can now say words I could never say before. Quite simply life has changed for me dramatically.

My life long dream was to be able to say my name without stammering…well now that is completed I have to add on a few more dreams to my list. And since my last dream was the biggest and (what I thought) was the most impossible I can’t be thinking small here. I have always been an ambitious woman, now I have conquered so many fears I am not afraid to dream bigger and brighter!

In this blog I hope to share more about my dreams and how me working on my speech has got me to this point. My hope is I will encourage others to dream big and not let anything become an obstacle!