Like a drop in the ocean….

I will be the first female to attend an Indian McGuire Stammering course in New Delhi when I visit in December.

My dream is to show women who have stammers that they have a voice. My second dream is to show all women that we have a voice to use, that we can change the world. No matter what Culture, Faith, Background or Class we are from, every single women has a voice to use to stand for what we believe in.

I am hoping that by attending the Indian Mcguire course as the first female it will be like a drop in the ocean. It will start to send signals that women who have stammers can speak, we have a voice.

I shall dare to dream, I shall speak out and use this new found voice I found two years ago. I declare that this one single drop in the ocean will start a rainfall of drops. I want to see change, I want to see women who cannot speak stand up in front of thousands saying what they want but more importantly what they can.

There you are reader, I have dared to dream and I will not give up.

I will start this little drop, this tiny little vibration in the water and see where it will take me. Maybe someone will see and realise that they to have a voice, a voice to be used.