7 Makeup Game Changers

The overwhelming amount of choices in the makeup aisle is a blessing and a curse! Luckily, the internet exists.

You trust me with your face, right? Good.

Over the past decade my makeup routine has come a long way from one coat of mascara and shimmery Lip Smackers. I’m still evolving with each haul, but here are 7 products that totally changed my makeup game when I bought them:

  1. Quo — Glow Blush Stick

This is an interesting alternative to traditional powder blush. It rolls on like lipstick for your cheeks, and then I just blend it in with a brush. Great for travel, and doesn’t break apart when I drop it on the bathroom floor!

Game changing because: the color stays on all day and doesn’t fade.

2. L’Oreal — Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H

After years of struggling with pencil eyeliner I decided I was ready to struggle with cream eyeliner instead. There is a learning curve because the little brush can be finicky for the first while, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Game changing because: my wings have never been sharper.

3. Maybelline New York — Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect

These mascaras have always been my fall-back. Every time I grab a new kind I end up buying one of these as well because you can lead a horse to a different brand of mascara, but you can’t make him use it. The classic pink tube is great for daytime. The luscious one in the black tube is much heavier and dramatic, perfect for going out.

Game changing because: You can apply 3 or 4 coats and it doesn’t clump.

4. Norwex — Body Cloths

I recently bought a 3 pack of Norwex micro-fibre body cloths and they take off all my makeup with a bit of warm water. No more waking up with raccoon eyes in the morning because the makeup remover didn’t do it’s job properly. They also exfoliate my skin!

Game changing because: makeup wipes are dead to me.

5. Vichy — 3 in 1 Sensitive Skin Cleanser

I originally used this product as an end-of-the-day makeup remover before I discovered Norwex. Now I use a bit on the end of a Q-tip if I get some mascara on my eye lid. It also doubles as a face moisturizer that I like to put on when I hop out of the shower.

Game changing because: it doesn’t burn if it gets near/in my eyes.

6. Maybelline New York — Baby Lips

Let it be known that I am addicted to chapstick. I can’t sleep without a thick coat of it. I go into panic mode when I realize I’ve left the house without it. As a highly functioning addict, I quit Burt’s Bees cold turkey as soon as I got my hands on these.

Game changing because: they’re super hydrating and go on smooth like butter.

7. Urban Decay — Naked 2 Palette

It truly does live up to the hype, and well worth the hefty $66 price tag. The colors pop and if you splurge for the primer you won’t be seeing any creases all the way from morning to evening.

Game changer because: I can never go back to cheap eye shadow.

After much trail and error (especially with mascaras) my makeup game is feeling pretty *100 emoji* these days. What were your game changing makeup products? Let me know down in the comments. I’m always ready to try something new!

xoxo, Justine

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