A short message to the Millennial aspirant

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? You, a person with aspirations, dreams of becoming successful in life, finally having the guts to chase after them.

You probably had this internal argument with yourself, “I can’t possibly do this! No one will believe I have what it takes! I will just fail and everybody will laugh at me.” while the other part of you says, “Of course I can do this! I am passionate and I can see a bright future ahead for me! I will become super successful, just you wait!”.

It’s a struggle sure, but whose side are you on? Who do you listen to?

The only person holding you back from going after your dreams? Yourself.

You are your worst enemy. Part of you will sabotage any hope of trying to go after what you want, because it’s either you’re too afraid to face rejection or even more ironically, success.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn to love yourself and propel yourself further into a brighter future. You have to be your open and honest self to the world. But we’re all facing a big problem right now…

The fault in our upbringing

We tend to get so attached to others, may it be things or even people. We seek validation from others to justify our efforts at trying to become better. But our fault here is that we rely so much on the outside world we forget the power we have within — the power to change.

We’re so caught up with our social media accounts we get addicted to them to the point procrastination is the norm. Discipline is lost and lives become stagnant. Where is the change? Where is the growth? Does the advancement of technology mean the increasing stupidity of humanity?

No. I refused to believe that there is no growth where I stand. I refuse to believe my life will stay boring to the point it leaves me hollow and numb when I grow old. I refuse to let these chances pass without giving them a try at a better life.

Make a decision now, to change. If you want to be happy and successful, work towards that.

So what will it be? Professional social media user or a professional in your field? Will it be dull and boring life or a life full of awesomeness and opportunity? You call the shots.

Just remember this quote:

We are what we always do. Success, therefore, is not an act but a habit. — Will Durant

In a world that doesn’t always operate on honesty, I want to go against the tide. Being openly honest, writing unbiased reviews based on my own experience. Thanks for reading! Feel free to tap the clap button to show your support. You can clap more than once!