An Ode to The Post-It Note

Personal Selection:

The main reason I chose to study Post-It notes is because I use them very often. I have grown up around Post-It notes, also called “sticky notes”, and my parents and I use them for to-do lists, memos, reminders, and various other tasks. We often take them for granted since they are inexpensive and made of paper, but they are one of the most useful supplies on my desk.


Post-It notes were invented by accident! In 1968, an adhesive inventor at 3M was trying to invent a strong adhesive but created a very weak one by accident! At first, the company was going to throw out the adhesive since it was so weak, but they realized it was very useful because, unlike other adhesives, this one didn’t leave sticky residue behind when it was removed. A few years later, another inventor at 3M was at church choir practice and decided to use the adhesive to stick paper on the music to mark his page. Thus, the Post-It note was born.


Post-It notes are versatile in use: they can be used for whatever you want! They are even produced in many different sizes, colors, and shapes to fit your needs. Post-It notes are commonly used in offices and homes in various ways. To-do lists, reminders, notes, bookmarks, and organization are just a few examples of what Post-It notes are used for.


Since Post-It notes are so versatile, people of various ages use them. They are sold and advertised as an office supply because they are most common in the workplace, but this product is familiar to children and adults alike due to its similar usefulness in the home.

Materials + Production:

These famous sticky notes are surprisingly simple for how useful they are. They are made of paper and a unique adhesive. The product is created using a large machine that applies the adhesive, stacks the paper, and cuts it to the proper size.

Post-It notes have been widely popular since the 1980s for many reasons but the main reason is because they are inexpensive. The notes are mass-produced so Post-Its are low in cost. On, a 24-pack of multi-colored Post-It notes can be purchased for $20 (roughly $.85 per 70-note pad).


Since basic notepads are commonly used in offices, Post-It notes are very intuitive; people know how to use them based on their experience with notepads. Since they are made of paper and are a small size, their appearance closely resembles a notepad or stack of notecards. Also, the Post-Its are sticky on one edge of the paper, so the opposite edge will often appear lifted slightly, especially after the notepad has been used a few times. This natural characteristic of the paper to separate guides the user to want to lift the sticky note up.

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