Fitness and the art of hating yourself
Joseph Williams

Great story. I am a Trainer and I am so conflicted about the state of the industry.

I love to lift — but as a woman, I come from not being overweight but being underestimated, put-down, disregarded and overlooked.

Strength has been my liberator. As a female Trainer with a mostly female clientele, I know I am not the only woman to feel this way.

I have spent a lot of time speaking with my clients — they don’t want to be treated as idiots who have to look like a 14 year old at 45. They want information, not sales speak. And they want to feel better, do more and live life to the fullest.

The feedback I get is people are genuinely confused. Where do they get information, how do they know it’s credible, what do they really need to do? Highly educated women who run businesses and organisations don’t understand why diets don’t work and running doesn’t help them lose weight. There is little understanding of how consistent exercise benefits the body because it can’t be seen on the scales.

As a business, I walk the line of ‘perpetuating the myth’ but justify it to myself because I am showing images of strong women (something almost completely missing from the world of fitness). I struggle with this.

Once I have a client, I work with them to change their mindset of having to look a certain way or weigh a specific amount before they can consider themselves a success.

My best clients haven’t ‘lost weight’. They ‘found’ they are capable, strong and resilient. I just help them remove limitations that have been imposed upon them (by themselves and society at large).

As for the fitness industry, it follows the money. Hopefully people will begin to spend in ways that show fitness how unacceptable the current state of play is. But to do that, they need alternatives.

Good luck with the boxing gym. It sounds like you have found your stride.

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