The Real Costs of Getting To The Gym
Beatrice M. Hogg

What breaks my heart so much is that you felt like you failed only going twice. Twice a week will keep you progressing.

You need to find somewhere closer — cancel or sell your current membership to someone else to fund an at home workout setup.

Make a plan to do something every day. I have clients that don’t do anything because they feel overwhelmed. That could be a YouTube workout — it’s all sitting there waiting for you online.

Add in some additional activity. A 20-minute lunchtime walk every day has the potential to burn an additional 700 calories a week. You can also do bodyweight on a bench.

Is there a way you can simply train at home? You need a set of adjustable dumbbells and some exercises. Start small and build. A ball, a set of adjustable dumbbells, maybe a heavy duty resistance band, a pullup bar. And you’re on your way.

Don’t give up. Make it work for you. Especially if you hate Zumba (I’m totally with you there).

Set smaller, realistic goals and celebrate the wins. Track your progress- focus on strength and that will keep you motivated. Good luck!

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