Why are You Needed in the Fight Against Gentrification?

By: Justine Munday

Gentrification is a concept bound by perception and privilege. What does this mean? It means that much of the fight against gentrification is allowing yourself to understand the issue from all points of view and use your position in the food chain to make a difference. Because this is an issue that deals with “privilege” everyone’s role to fight is different and necessary.

Create buzz and chatter in your community by simply talking about the issue. While doing so, advocate for those who are being oppressed. Educate friends and family on the issue. Make gentrification the next dinner conversation.

Make smart purchasing decisions. Only contribute to business and causes that are on the same team to fight gentrification. For example, dining at restaurants where there is something on the menu everyone in the community can afford.

Brush up on laws about residential development and vote! It is important to put action behind your words. The community holds power to many decisions. When the community is involved in the process it puts the power back in our hands!