Let’s be honest — not all ideas are winners. But does that mean the loser ideas are bad ideas? Is it just that it wasn’t a good idea or even a mediocre idea? Maybe you think the idea is bad because it’s can’t be done physically (we all think time travel is a great idea right?)

So why do we only think and work on what we consider “good” ideas? Also, are all good ideas really that good? (I’m looking at you Mr. Atomic Bomb)

When coming up with ideas, you need to list all ideas. Good, bad, REALLY bad or even “meh” ideas. The reason for this is not all bad ideas are really that bad. Maybe they are just being presented in the wrong way. Did you know that Sony released an electronic book reader back in 1997. How’d that go for them? Anyone even know it existed? The Kindle, which is pretty much the same thing came out 10 years later. Was the e-book reader a “bad” idea?

The other day I wrote a post about how to take notes. In it I mentioned to have a note called “Ideas!” and have on it every idea you have for products. I want to expand that today to say any idea you have for other peoples products also. You never know when you can introduce a new feature for someone else. Why help them? Because that’s how humanity works now! Stop being so egotistical. I digress.

We tend to not share ideas we think are bad, because we consider them, well…bad. But there’s no harm in a bad idea (with the exception of you Mr. Atomic Bomb). Bad ideas allow our brains to work on good ideas. Maybe even there’s a part of a good idea missing and it’s found in a bad idea.

What I’m saying is all ideas are good ideas (again, with the exception of you Mr. Atomic Bomb) — so don’t get discouraged when coming up with bad ideas. All ideas are great and you need to keep going.

What’s the worst idea you had that you turned around into something good? Tell me!

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