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Jan 29, 2018 · 6 min read

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What a year 2017 was. A lot happened for many, I know, but a lot happened for me both personally and professionally.

I moved house and got a new job early in 2017 which would have been enough really but have also had family pass away and others end up in hospital which meant the end of last year was quite emotional.

The thing about any experience is to take something from it. So with all this upheaval, what have I learned?

I can’t keep it together all the time. Somewhere something will crack and that’s okay, it kinda has to. I am going to try and fill the cracks with gold like the Japanese do. It’s called Kintsugi or ‘golden joinery’ and it indicates that breakage and repair are part of the history of an object, not something to disguise.

Kintsugi or ‘Golden joinery’

Work will always be hard when the personal stuff goes to shit and relationships with family and friends may get tougher when the work stuff is tougher but strong ties will last and chocolate and flowers go a long way, with honesty and communication behind them.

Friends and family are there to be leaned upon, sometimes they will lean on you too. Knowing that I am someone who can be leaned on helps me when I need to do the leaning.

I know that I can do the thing, but sometimes it’s harder than other times to do it and you know, often it can wait until you are ready. The important thing is to do what you have to when you must and what you want to when you can.

I am really bad at sticking to a schedule outside of work and that’s something I really need to work on given all my extra curricular activities … ahem …newCardigan … ahem.


Moving really and truly sucks, I really don’t want to do it again soon so have signed another years lease where I am. Luckily I am quite comfortable where I am. But if I had to move I would suck it up and totally be hiring some people to help – pizza and beer can go a long way with family and friends too I find!

The older I get the more I need some time to myself … I have at various times in my life been more introverted and then more extroverted. I believe that I am happiest with a mix of social activities and then some regular quiet down time. I don’t think I make or take enough of that down time right now. But I am always learning.

I like yoga. This was difficult for me to admit as I have spent a lot of time NOT liking yoga over the last few years – so many people told me I would like it that I refused to try it …! – but it’s something which I started last year and have found helps me both with my physical health and my mental health so I will be continuing with it this year.

My health is more important than ever. Sleep is a THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR MY HEALTH. Whatever it takes to get more sleep I will do. Anyone know anything about Shakti Mats?

This is not me

Hospitals are not always scary places. Sometimes they are filled with family. But they will never be my favourite places to be and I can only stand in awe of our amazing nurses, there is no way I could do what they do. Also, I used to hate hand sanitizers. Not so any more. They are your friends and more people should be using them. I may have been known to dab the stuff on my face at times …!

Nurses are awesome

I really like hiring library people. And it’s such an interesting thing to do.

I have done this now twice (by which I mean I have done everything from re-write the PD, to uploading the job into the online system, to answering phone calls and writing interview questions, booking the interview panel and the room … as well as hiring the actual person) and am about to hire my third library staff member. It’s actually an amazing thing to see all these fabulous people want to work at my library, for me and for my library service. It’s humbling and wonderful and kinda fun. Until I have to call the people that didn’t make it. But even then I try and give the best feedback I can, having been there myself MANY MANY a time.

I have learned to give good feedback and hope that the people I speak to go away knowing their value. We have such a lot of great people with amazing skill sets in this GLAMRous industry of ours!

There’s probably much more I could add to the list of learnings from 2017, but I also want to add a few thoughts about what I want to learn this year — so what learning lie ahead in 2018 ...

I want to learn to conserve my energy better, sleep more and better so that I can do more, and do it better. Really, ALL I WANT IS SLEEP!


I try and always look for ways to improve my abilities, whether that is in libraries, leadership, podcasting or another arena entirely. I don’t know what that will look like for me this year but I am excited by the potential for growth. I am definitely going to continue learning more about creating podcasts, and I will learn by doing which is probably my most preferred learning style!

Hint: Keep your ears peeled book lovers :)

Maybe i’ll try my hand at tennis? Hmmmmm, my latent RSI says maybe not, but boy I love watching it!

I think the time has come to dip my toes into the world of coding. I am sick of not really understanding why something does what it does in our online environment. So since I will no doubt be hugely frustrated on a regular basis, maybe it’s time to give meditation a go?

I’d also like to bake bread from scratch and have my own sourdough starter in the fridge to feed so I am adding that to the list!

I guess I am one of those people who just loves to learn, after all, I am a librarian ;)

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful year of learning and if the shit hits the fan, as it almost certainly will at some point, just remember that in 6 months you’ll be able to put it on your resume as a ‘key learning experience’!!!!


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Community focussed, wine drinking, cheese eating, coffee addicted Melburnian librarian. newCardigan. Podcaster. Reader.

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