Blue “Wave” Crashes Against Red Tsunami

This is going to be spin.

I’m just painting that junk red right now, because there’s no such thing as zero spin (as per my first post), there are only levels of passion.

But I will explain to you exactly why I’m spinning it the way I am. And isn’t that the least I can do? ;)

First off, it’s EXPECTED that the opposite party will flood into Congress in the midterms after a new president. That’s just the unstoppable historical trend.

The real question is, what was built on top of that?

Notice that the candidates specifically targeted over corruption in the past couple months were wiped out. Gillum, Abrams, McCaskill, O’Rourke. Menendez has a history, but he was never actually charged, and it probably went down the memory hole.

Feinstein was running against a fellow Dem, so she eked by because there wasn’t going to be a major Repub push for de Leon.

Some districts flipped blue, but some flipped red. And California did indeed “pop with red” as Kaya Jones predicted.

In other words, this was a major letdown for the blue wavers. It certainly fell far short of their expectations. A bright shining red wall rose up and prevented all but a slight leak from edging over to the other side.

That’s why I say there was a red tsunami of sorts. This was presidential level. It set historical records for the past century. And it took massive movement to offset the sore loser #Resistance extremists. And what an awful sight that was, eh? Who knew so many people could chew on socialism and swallow it. Who knew so many folks could tolerate the mass of violent mobs pushing for loot grabbing and presumption of guilt, the insistence on being uncivil until they’re voted in? But hatred and envy remain powerful forces.

Granted, the Kavanaugh Effect did take its hold! Notice that the half of the Senate that voted against him didn’t fare very well. Manchin slid by because he had the audacity to join in with the GOP. But what I foolishly presumed was that this would amount to rage against the Dems in general across both houses, rather than individual congress critters.

In a way, it’s a relief that Americans are still pretty non-partisan and take ‘em as they see ‘em.

Yes, I did expect much more. But I also have learned a few things this night (and not just that FAUX News is yet another Democrat SuperPAC). It’s going to have to remain a case by case basis. Let’s just hope the Democrat donor class runs out of money paying their legal fees after this, as Pelosi deliriously and pointlessly bangs her gavel…

Oh yes, and let’s get the Senate taking up the lead on FISAgate now. Nunes, release all you got before the year is up!!