This trip has made me learn to love the quiet and emptiness of mornings. I got on my scooter at 8:09, like I did every other morning, but I soon found the traffic of Annecy and residual congestion of nearby towns to be inexistent. I sped my way to Talloires where I planned to either hike and fly or hitch hike up to Planfait launch.

Funny enough, the first morning I came to fly and was not in a class, I was there the earliest. So early that no other students or instructors had arrived yet. …

Today was my last day in the Autonomy paragliding course. I scooted to Talloires as normal and we loaded the van up quickly to get a first flight in at Planfait before other schools got up there. After launching I practiced pulling big ears of various sizes, all of which my glider automatically recovered from. Big ears is when a pilot pulls the outer A risers to fold in the wingtips of the glider. This decreases lift and increases drag leading to an increased loss of altitude. I did one or two pitch exercises then came in for a landing.

After a solid day of flying and reviewing videos to perfect our form, I took off with my GoPro on a chest mount to try again at capture some driving footage. The chest mount worked a lot better so I rode up towards bluffly then back down to Tallories and then towards Dossard.

Today was pretty standard. Got a few flights in the morning then went to Dossard to learn about the landing and kite a little bit. After the course ended for the day I tried to get some GoPro footage riding my scooter but the suction cup mount I was trying to use vibrated way too much for the footage to be worth it.

Here is a video of one of my landings:

  1. landing

North valley flow with south meteorological winds by midday was forecast. Paragliders fly in the valley flow. A higher wind in the opposite direction compresses and thus speeds the valley flow.

We went up to Planfait launch early and I was able to get one flight in.

After prepping my wing on launch for my second flight, the instructor in the landing zone radioed that the winds were too strong for a safe landing approach.

Disappointed but always happy to call it safe, I drove back down to the LZ. When I arrived I heard from the pilot who launched…

I snoozed my alarm until I was supposed to leave, as normal. I guess even the thought of flight can’t get me out of bed on time.

I loaded up my scooter, and with my wing and harness on my back, I set off to Les Grand Espaces in Talloires

When I arrived, I was briefed on the landing zone directly in front of the school and was shuttled over to the beginners’ hill to practice forward inflations with the introduction course. …

I arrived at Geneva Airport and by 11am I had my glider and was headed to the train station. I caught an inter-regional and one stop later was lakeside.

I had a super expensive cappuccino that I didn’t pay for with my friend from school who is studying in Geneva overlooking the harbor fountain.

Brunch at Stika

We waited outside this trendy brunch spot for about 20 minutes before getting a table for two. The waiters are attentive to gluten in unassuming places. Portions are ok, plated well. Most, if not all, egg dishes are poached eggs. Coffee is good too.

Gozsdu Udvar — Craft Market

While walking to the Great Market, we stumbled upon this crafts and knick-knacks market in the Jewish Area. Everything from Soviet pins to postcards to wood sunglasses to army medals. This is a great place to get an original souvenir. …


Our flight landed on time around 10:40am. We walked straight through the airport without any customs stop to the bus area. There are a few different options to get to city center using public transit. We opted to buy a ticket for the 100E shuttle and a 24h pass that includes all other public transit in the city. The 100E is a shuttle bus that just stops at Deák Ferenc tér M, Astoria M and Kálvin tér M, all in central Pest, and then runs express to Terminal 2 of the airport.

Dohány Street Synagogue

Justin Friedman

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