This Present Darkness

We are swimming in it.

Every day, another absurd tweet from our president. Another depressing article about social injustice. Another fear-instilling current event leading us to question the future of our economy, our environment, and our increasingly shaky world order.

I’ve about had it.

I can’t control much. But I can control myself.

My thoughts. My actions. My efforts. And it’s time to change them.

Today, I resolve to do a few things:

  1. I will write. Every day. A few sentences. A paragraph. Maybe a few of each for good measure. I will express the things in my head with the written word, first for myself, and second for my audience.
  2. I will fight for sustainable energy. My focus on it has drifted of late, buried in the pessimism of current events and the sad state of the industry (especially solar). I’ve pondered leaving it altogether and letting matters sort themselves out. But I cannot. All it takes for evil to succeed is the indifference of good. And so I will continue to carry the banner for good.
  3. I will build relationships. Whether that means investing more time in the woman in my life, the friends I’ve known for decades, or the person I just met, I will be present, proactive, and prodigious as I strive to more meaningfully connect with those around me.

Will I stumble? Undoubtedly. But I will pick myself up and try again. Because if I stop trying, what’s the point in being here at all?

It’s time to live, and live more abundantly. It’s time to break through this present darkness.

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