Things All Finance Students Should Know

If you have decided to immerse yourself in the world of finance, there are some things you need to know. Pursuing a finance degree is extremely rewarding and opens the door for a ton of job opportunities if you plan ahead and gain the necessary experience. I’ve put together a list of some of the things that every finance major should learn and know about themselves early on.

Learn the Jargon

There are plenty of terms and industry specific jargon you will need to wrap your head around. The sooner you are able to do so, the more time you’ll spend learning new concepts rather than looking up what words and concepts mean. The sooner you can speak the language and understand it, the better off you’ll be.

Be organized

Organization is key. The world of finance is a high-paced market filled with statistics, clients, and demands. Having the ability to stay organized and juggle all your different tasks will suit you well. Plus, you are in college and will want to have a social life. It’s better to get organized and budget your time early on. By the time you land a demanding job or internship, you won’t be struggling to keep up.

Start looking for internships — immediately

Landing internships early and often will give you a competitive edge. There is nothing like gaining experience while still earning your degree. You will make connections and friends that will be able to help you throughout school and possibly offer your first job to you. Internships may not be as glamorous as you would envision, but the contacts you gain will be valuable references later on down the road.

For the rest of Justin’s tips on what you should know as a finance major, read the full blog on his site, here.

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