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Justin Hanger
Jun 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Different types of online casino bonuses

The slot bonus offered by an online casino are usually the first thing people look at. Free money (or apparently free money) has always been one of the most efficient ways to attract people to participate in something. Online casino and poker bonuses are meant to achieve the same thing. Regrettably though, besides being the first thing they consider when they look at an best online slots offers website, for most players it is the last too. They fail to consider the intricacies of the offer, and the fact that no business entity will ever offer roughly completely free. There are countless little details working behind the scenes that finally end up causal the true value of an online casino bonus. The type of bonus that you sign up for, the advance supplies and the games allowed to redeem your bonus on, are several such factors.

After you fare to cover all the issues that control the real value of your bonus, you can say that you’ve successfully determined the type of bonus that suits your needs best.

Here’s rundown of the various bonus types currently offered in the online gambling industry.

The most common of them all is the sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus exists both in online casino gambling and in poker. It is a onetime bonus that players receive as a fast reward for signing up. For it’s a “store-front” thing, the sign-up bonus is usually a very good deal.

The limits which pretty much describe its quality are the maximum bonus amount that you receive and the improvement supplies. Always read the gambling rations carefully, because the maximum bonus alone doesn’t mean you got yourself a good deal.

Sometimes, sign-up bonuses come in the form of match bonuses. Match bonuses represent a link between the amount of money you deposit and the sign up bonus that you get. Go ahead and deposit £10 on Online Bingo games to start and up to 500 free spins Starburst spins on Fluffy Favourites!

That pretty much explains what match bonuses are about. In this case, the maximum amount offered is not as important as the match fraction and the wagering requirements. The no deposit bonus is one of the better types of bonuses. In order to receive this bonus, a player doesn’t actually need to make a deposit. This is kind of like Slot in poker: it is often given to players as a reward for their reliability and it is indeed as good as it sounds. Unlike poker rake back though, such bonuses still need to be cashed. The referral bonus is a bonus a player gets for referring a friend of his/hers. This bonus transfers the usual wagering requirements and it cannot be cashed out until they’re rewarded.

The Slot bonus is among the less useful ones. This bonus is exactly stuck to your account: it can never be cashed out. When the player decides to cash out, he’ll only be able to fetch his early deposit plus his winnings, never the bonus. Comp points setups are superb ways to collect extra money in casinos. This money is not a bonus though. It is exactly like the poker rake back: it doesn’t have to be used.

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