What’s the number for Fraud, Waste and Abuse?

Late last fall, I was heading home from work in the afternoon riding on the Dearborn bike track. The usual interactions involve pedestrians, drivers and parked vehicles, something different came up that day.

Riding north on Dearborn, I was approximately 50 feet from the Washington intersection when the two bike officers walked beyond their crosswalk bar, eastbound, and began blocking the Dearborn bike track in both directions.
This allowed me two options in the event I was unable to stop, steer towards northbound traffic in the Dearborn vehicle lane, or towards the crosswalk that was filled with pedestrians. The choice made by the two officers disrupted the flow of traffic and decreased safety that is designed into the Dearborn bike track much like a parked vehicle in the track would.
The bike officers did not present themselves as responding to a call or pursuing a person, driver or biker by operating their lights or sirens. In fact, both displayed a large smile as they looked south on Dearborn towards me. Once they realized I was approaching, both officers slowly shuffled out of the track.
As I passed them veering around them, I said, “why are you blocking the bike lane?”
Prior to approaching me, I was waiting at the Randolph traffic signal before one officer stopped his bicycle perpendicular to mine and asked, “why are you yelling to move out of the way? Don’t you see I am a uniformed officer?” I responded, “why are you blocking the bike lane?” When presented no information why I was stopped, I asked, “am I under arrest?” Which the officer then simply responded by issuing a “too fast for conditions” citation. I was traveling at less than 15 MPH, which is half the posted speed limit.
The violation number does not match the explanation of why I was stopped or issued a citation. The citation issued is for ‘use of a communication device’; 92–52–110. But the offense is noted as “unsafe operation.”

A week ago, I recieved a notice from the Department of Administrative Hearings with this:

This matter coming for Hearing, notice given and the Administrative Body advised the premises, having considered the motions, evidence and arguments presented, IT IS ORDERED: As to the count(s), this tribunal finds by a preponderance of evidence and rules as follows:
Finding, City non-suit
Municipal Code Violated, 9–52–110(b) Use of communication devices while operating a bicycle
Penalties, $0.00

My citation noted the court date June 29, 2015, the citation was issued November 30, 2014.

Residents of Chicago frequently state that roadways are unsafe, yet yield to the overall sentiment of “police have enough to worry about.”

Meanwhile, they’re writing citations like this when they’re clearly at fault of some, menial or not, wrongdoing. On top of that, they negligently exhaust resources in other departments.

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