Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey is a Sociopath
Carole Raphaelle Davis

I’m assuming, then, that you are a vegetarian, otherwise, you’d be a hypocrite.

Anthropologists and scientists agree that humans ecological role is that of predator, and that cooking and eating the meat of animals has contributed hugely to our evolution as such. I disagree with nutritional arguments for veganism, and also with the ethical ones, but I do respect the ethical arguments at least.

We are animals, however, naturally evolved to be predators, no different than lions or wolves; no different, of course, excepting the fact that we can and should understand, accept, and come to terms with our ecological role as predators responsibly. Nature is indifferent to suffering, but we don’t have to be, and can choose to hunt and slaughter with measures of reverence and sobriety, even compassion. Yes, there can be compassion in killing, and not every death is murder. There still exist populations today that rely on hunting for basic survival.

I’m not defending trophy hunting, and I’m not going to excuse the killing of endangered species, nor am I trying to justify the killing of companion animals, but to condemn all hunters as sociopaths and hunting as murder is to live in denial of our natural ecological role, one that is, again, accepted by both anthropology and nutritionists.

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