As our use of the internet and the accompanying technologies skyrockets, the avenues of which we are vulnerable also grow exponentially. From small attacks such as hacking a printer through its wifi, to large scale commercial attacks aimed at disruption, it’s important to stay aware of how we can secure our data.

To this end, in this article, I will be covering some of the most common cyber-attacks and some best practices to prevent them. While these aren’t necessarily fool-proof methods, these methods can greatly reduce your chances of being the next victim.

What is it?


For many individuals who browse the web on their personal devices, most don’t stop to consider how their data is being collected or how protected they actually are. In this article, we’re going to focus more on internet browser security and offer some tips and tricks to better secure how you browse.

First and foremost, this is not sponsored by any company to advertise their products, but simply products I personally use or have come across.

According to NetMarketShare, the two most widely used browsers for desktops are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. …


Imagine this: You’re interviewing for a developer position at a company, you’ve breezed past the screening/behavioral interviews and now you’re in the middle of your technical interview. The interviewer asks you to solve a commonly asked interview question, finding the nth element within the Fibonacci sequence. Here’s the catch, you can only solve it using recursion.

Now there’s multiple approaches to solving this (which I’ve covered in this article), however we are going to focus on recursion, what it is and why you should understand it.

What is Recursion?

At a very basic level, recursion is a process in which…


One of the, if not the most commonly asked question during a technical interview for many programmers involves the Fibonacci Sequence. Why you ask? Because the Fibonacci Sequence is a great test of the programmer’s understanding of recursion, function calls, variables, the stack and many other key concepts that any good programmer should know.

That being said, you will more likely than not be asked this question

Using recursion, find the nth element within the Fibonacci Sequence

In this article, I will actually cover two separate methods to solve this problem, with recursion and iteration.


It’s important to understand…

As I enter the last stretch of my journey as a FlatIron School student, I decided I wanted to make this article strictly about using the YouTube API which I have implement in my final project.

It is important to note that every API has different documentation and can perform a variety of functions. Even so with YouTube, we will be covering the search function specifically since it is virtually impossible to review every single action you can perform using the API.

My project involves using a Ruby on Rails backend and a React JS frontend with Redux to manage…

If you are using Apple’s macOS, the default login shell that you use is Bourne-Again SHell or BASH for short. BASH is a command language interpreter that is essentially used to read commands and run other programs. Therefore, unless you were to change the shell your OS is running on, any command you run in your terminal is utilizing BASH.

Take a look at any website and you’ll notice that you have the ability to login. Don’t have an account? There’s quite an easy fix to that, just register an account with your information and you’re instantly redirected to your profile page! From a user perspective, you might be wondering how this works?

Ruby on Rails offers a great variety of gems and build in features to help you build your authentication and sessions. Now you may be asking, what is a session? For the purposes of this article we’re not going to go too in-depth about cookies. Think of…

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Programming: from writing code itself to the many life challenges it can bring, can be difficult in a variety of aspects. Speaking personally, when I started my journey into the immersive world of coding, there were many things I didn’t understand or realize. Attending the coding bootcamp, FlatIron School, helped me realize aspects of how I think that I hadn’t recognized before. In that regard, I wanted to use this article as a medium to convey so tips I thought were helpful as well as general tips that might assist you in your journey.

To give a little background about…

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Full-stack Web Developer constantly learning, continuously adapting, and always willing to tackle challenges head on.

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