The Outline

A website created by Joshua Topolsky, that covers politics, culture and tech.

Topolsky was a founder of The Verge, one of the biggest tech sites on the web. What makes The Outline different, not just from his former site but also every other place on the internet, is how much the site incorporates responsive design into the user experience.

To browse through the Outline is to step into a multi-colored, meme filled wonderland. I found it is best looked at on a mobile device, and feels more like messing around on Snapchat than your typical web browsing experience. This is the first time I found myself swiping left or right to get to new stories. It’s easy to get lost, and the goal is surely to get people to keep swiping until they find something that they want to read, watch, or listen to.

Everybody who works in the media has been searching for the best way to keep readers engaged with “content,” and the technicolor explosion that is The Outline is an interesting case studio in design and content coming together to make a compelling product.

Is this the future of media? I don’t know, probably not. But maybe? It is cool, however, that we have people like Topolsky trying innovative ways to get people excited about experiencing old kinds of stories through new means. The delivery system is fascinating, but the content being delivered will still be king.

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