The Appleseed Poster Show

Last week at the Bancroft Street Market in South Omaha, we celebrated an evening of great poster design done for an important community non-profit. Over the last four years, Nebraska designers have created a set of posters sold to benefit Nebraska Appleseed, a nonpartisan public interest law firm. There are 44 posters in the full collection and last Wednesday was the first time they’ve been displayed together in one room.

Each year, Nebraska Appleseed’s Nic Swiercek, Director of Development & Engagement, has worked with Omaha-based designer Justin Kemerling to organize a poster show for Appleseed’s annual community event called The Good Apple Awards. The posters have all been hand-pulled by Screen Ink in Lincoln. At the end of last year, board members from AIGA Nebraska approached Appleseed about organizing a public exhibition of all the posters and everything fell into place from there.

The posters themselves are powerful tools for advocating for equal justice and opportunity for all. Some designs are very broad and inspirational. Others focus on one important issue and shed new light on it. As a collection, the posters represent a hopeful view of what we can all do when we work together. The designers who have participated lend their time and talent to the cause and show just how much great design lives out here on the Great Plains.

On event night, 57 posters were sold raising just over $1,200. Since the first set created in 2011, the posters have raised over $13,600 for Nebraska Appleseed. They’ve also led to an increased visibility for Appleseed and the important work they do on behalf of so many Nebraskans. And the involvement with area designers and groups like AIGA Nebraska have led to new partnerships, connections, and potential future collaborations.

Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event and for those of you who came out to show your support. And if you purchased a poster, double high-fives to you. If you’d still like to purchase one, you can do so here.

We’re now enthusiastically looking forward to making the upcoming 5th year of posters the best yet. We couldn’t have reached this point without the generous, hard-working designers of Nebraska. Much respect goes out to you for everything you do. Keep at it.

– Justin & Nic

A huge thanks to the participating designers: Rachel Boshart, Adam Casey, Liz White, Donovan Beery, Katie Condon, Aaron Stubbe, Anthony Banks, Cate White, Jesse Harding, Ellen Wilde, Matt Carlson, Miranda Bouck, Nicholas Peterson, Josh Schwieger, Ben Lueders, Carrie Ratcliff, Dave Markes, Jeremie Memming, Liz Hunt, Craig Hughes, Steve Gordan, Eric Nyffeler, J. Curtis Rawlings, Nicholas Burroughs, Tyson Reeder, Megan Merry, Drew Davies, Adam Torpin, Joe Sparano, Kelsey Janda, Cathy Solarana, Paul Berkbigler, Peter Morris, Jake Welchert, Ella Durham, and Sam Rapien.