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The Wolves are pretty low in the rankings. They have had the worst lottery luck in NBA history and it’s not close. They have appeared in the lottery 18 times and have never once moved up, but have moved down 8 times. The only time Wolves fans were happy on the lottery order night was when they stayed at #1 and got the chance to draft Towns. That’s 1 out of 18 times Wolves fans have been satisfied where they landed. It’s hard to say they stumbled on tw0 #1 picks. They traded an all NBA player in Kevin Love to get Wiggins. Love was a serious asset at the time. It was going to take a serious asset or assets to land him. They weren’t going to give Love away. Flip was willing to keep him if they didn’t get the right offer. The Wolves landed Towns because they had the NBA’s worst record because they had to trade Love and rebuild again. The Celtics getting the #1 pick this year would be stumbling on a #1 pick. That said, it doesn’t really matter what the karma is, the Wolves aren’t moving up. I don’t know if it’s actually even possible. They will either stay at 6 or move down. The way Wolves fans look at the lottery is different. They aren’t worried about moving up since it just won’t happen, they just want the team to stay where they are instead of moving down.

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