Charity + Vintage Shopping in Central London

A Walking Day Trip


I have a flight to Europe next month and somehow it was cheaper to fly to London than to Geneva. I love London and I love thrift shopping but I’ve never tried the one inside the other, so I decided to give myself 8 hours in London for shopping. After reading some articles and spending a bit of time on Google Maps, I made a route that is walkable, includes over 25 shops, and that I think I can accomplish between 10am and 5pm before I have to catch my train at Euston.

The Route

The general route but does not include every stop on the route

The journey starts at the Pimlico Underground station. There are 10 shops within a few blocks of the station so that’s a powerful start. Some of these include:
Sue Ryder (37 Warwick Way) 
Hospices of Hope (40 Warwick Way)
Oxfam (15 Warwick Way)
Fara (13A Warwick Way)
Trinity Hospice (85 Wilton Road) 
Crusaid (Churton Street)

Pimlico Neighborhood

The general route takes you NW towards Westminster where you will hit:
British Red Cross (22–24 Buckingham Palace Road)

from here, you head southwest on Kings Road where you will find 6 shops along the way. You are heading toward this next shop:

British Red Cross Chelsea (69–71 Old Church Street)

The next shop is just a little further southwest and around the corner:

Mary’s Living and Giving Shop (206 Fulham Rd)

This marks the furthest southwest the walk goes. Now we head north to:

Octavia (3 Bute St)

At this point you might need to give your eyes and fingers a break so feel free to take a quick break at the V&A museum. It’s my favorite museum in London and it’s free and they have a bag check. After you have your spirit refreshed by the Arts, the quest for affordable fashion continues. Head to:

Gem Display at the V&A

Royal Trinity Hospice (31 Kensington Church St)

At this point the route is walking a few blocks west and parallel to Kensington Park, so if you didn’t go the V&A, you can have a picnic lunch in the park with some sandwiches from Marks and Spencer Express. Then proceed to the Northwestern corner of the park to:

Trinity Hospice (20 Notting Hill Gate)

Next is the northwestern corner of our route. After this we are on the home stretch:

Oxfam (245 Westbourne Grove)

Next is two neighboring stores, one a proper vintage shop and one a charity shop:

Victory Vintage (151 Queensway)
Trinity Hospice (158 Queensway)

Taking you further east you find:

Oxfam (240 Edgware Rd)

and then:

Cancer Research UK (24 Marylebone High Street)

From here you enter SOHO and there are two vintage stores that aren’t too far from each other:

Beyond Retro (58–59 Great Marlborough Street)
Rokit (42 Shelton St)

At this point you have an option. Either you are tired of walking and your backpack is full so it’s time to head to the train OR you’re deep in the thrifters trance and you need one more fix. There is one more cluster of shops on Holloway Road that will give you what you need. It’s an hour walk from Euston to Holloway Road so maybe give yourself a break and catch a cab to get there in 20 minutes.

Holloway Road Option:
Scope (46 Seven Sisters Road)
Oxfam (376 Holloway Road)
British Heart Foundation (436 Holloway Road)
Cancer Research (374 Holloway Road). 
British Heart Foundation home ware store (83 Seven Sisters Road).

Distance from Euston to Holloway Road

I will attempt to do this all on foot next month so I will let you know how it goes. Maybe a second revision of this article can provide a brief idea of what each stores best type of offering is. Also if you know any shops close to the route that I missed, let me know in the comments.